Dynasty Fantasy World Championship

Do you have what it takes to be the next Dynasty King?

Dynasty leagues are, without a doubt, the fastest-growing segment in all of Fantasy sports. So get in on the action in FullTime Fantasy’s 2017 Dynasty Football World Championship! This is the ultimate chance to prove that you are truly among the elite Fantasy Football owners in the world.

For an annual investment of just $299, Fantasy owners have a shot to win thousands of dollars in prizes. With $2,400 in prizes awarded back to each individual league, the investment is surely worth the fun and excitement. Owners will compete in their 12-team league through a 13-week regular season. The team with the best record and the team with the most points will be rewarded at the end of Week 13. The playoffs will consist of the team with the best record, the team with the most points, the team with the next best record and the team with next most points. Those four owners will also advance to the Championship Round, where large cash prizes are awarded. Following a three-week points shootout, one skilled league winner will be crowned the fourth annual Dynasty Football World Champion! Not to mention, if you score more points over three years than any other owner who started the same year as you, you will be crowned as Dynasty Kings and make an extra $2,000!

The opportunity to participate in the best Fantasy Football league in the industry will only last for a limited time. Manage your startup team and compete against other owners for years to come. Following every season, rebuild your team through the exciting rookie draft! Want in? Just click the link below and reserve your team and draft date! For the full list of rules and settings, click here.


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