The Cycle

The Staff 

Desclafani – San Diego has been striking out A TON over the past 10 days, while desclafani has struck out 16 in 13 innings. Nice park for him as well, and he’s very cheap on FanDuel.

(Risk factor 5)

Sanchez – we’ve been targeting Miami over the last few days, with this lineup just being really bad. Sanchez tends to pitch well against his former club, and also when he does get hit he does have a little bit longer leash than a younger arm.

(Risk factor 5)

Vargas – 4 FREAKING K ON FANDUELLLLLLL. It’s a crazy play I know but listen. It’s going to be in the low 50’s when the game starts with a heavy wind blowing in the from right. Guess who that helps…..yup ^ Pull hitters like Ozuna, Dejong are going to have a tougher time hitting it out with that mix.

(Risk factor 8)





The Bats 

Chicago – Keep an eye on the weather, but we have a very strong and heavy wind blowing seas straight to center. Abreu and Alonso have abused Zimmerman in his career


Dodgers – I love the lefties in this spot today. Seems like the same matchup as last night, and they should take advantage of the matchup with Chacin struggling against LHB.


Seattle – Pena gives up a ton of hard contact, and Seattle is coming off 5 games seeing really good pitching.