Should You Consider Drafting a QB in Round 1?

QB Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson

A question that always seems to come up for fantasy owners every few seasons: should you draft a QB in Round 1? If you play in a two-QB league the answer is a resounding yes, so let’s not focus on those formats. What about those playing in single-QB (no Superflex) leagues? Is it worth passing on all the elite running backs and receivers to take the top passer?

Sports Illustrated‘s Corey Parson took a closer look at the idea, saying:

A balanced approach to roster building wins more times than not. Remember Jackson was a value pick last year, I’m sure we can find another this fantasy draft season. Let someone else reach for a QB and let’s wait for a good value to fall to us in our leagues this season.

I tend to agree with that strategy. Taking a quarterback in the first round leaves absolutely no margin for error in the middle rounds. Even if you get a guaranteed top 3-5 QB, that’s not good enough. You need the clear No. 1. I won’t be drafting a quarterback in Round 1, but there is an argument for taking Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson.

Regression, you might yell. Yes, I’m aware. But Jackson’s season was so good he can still regress and remain the top overall fantasy player at his position. For example, if Jackson’s passing touchdown rate dropped from 9% to league average, he still would’ve been the QB1 in 2019. Even if you dropped his passing touchdown total from 36 to 19 and his rushing total from 1,206 yards to 983 yards, he’d still be the QB1 last season. That’s all to say there’s plenty of room for regression and a QB1 finish in 2020. Now he has a healthy Marquise Brown and the additions of rookies Devin Duvernay and James Proche to aid in the receiving game.

I can’t stomach using a first-round pick on Jackson, Patrick Mahomes or any other QB. Can you? Let us know over on the Forums.

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