2020 Fantasy Baseball: Who is the #1 Pick?

Decisions, decisions. Dr. Roto guides you on who to select if you've got the #1 pick in your 2020 fantasy baseball draft.

By Dr. Roto

Normally, having the first draft pick is considered lucky. The fantasy owner who gets that pick usually drafts the top player in the league and enjoys watching that player carry his team to glory during the season. However, in 2020, there is not just one top player in fantasy baseball. In fact, I would argue that there are three top players. Moreover, if I could have my choice as to where I selected, I would take the third pick in the draft. Why? Because there’s not much of a difference between the top three players, and I would be able to get the earlier second-round pick.

Let’s take a closer look at the top three players for fantasy baseball in 2020. Then, I will give you my selection as to the order in which I would draft them.

OF Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

Most fantasy baseball owners who have the first pick initially think of taking Mike Trout. Only 28 years old, Trout has arguably been the best player in MLB for the past five seasons. He is a five-category superstar who can hit home runs and steal bases with ease. Additionally, he plays in a solid lineup (augmented by the addition of Anthony Rendon) and was leading the American League in home runs prior to his injury last season.

Are there any reasons that fantasy owners need to be worried about drafting Trout? Perhaps. Over the past three seasons, Trout has not had more than 471 at-bats, and he has averaged only 129 games played. He suffered from foot issues at the end of 2019 and saw his stolen base total drop to 11, his lowest since 2015. Finally, his hard contact rate was only 43.8% which placed him 39th in MLB.

Is Trout still a special talent? Absolutely. But is he the number one overall talent? That remains to be seen.


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