The Cycle

The Staff

German – Default top pitcher with how bad this slate is for pitching. His problem is walks, which KC has drawn the most walks in baseball over the last 7 days. He’ll probably be chalky, but he also has the double digit strikeout upside.

(Risk factor 6)

Hernandez – Trout owns him, but he has actually pitched well this season. King Felix has some good history with this team aside from Trout. He’s cheap and should be able to 4x tonight.

(Risk factor 6)

Bailey – Yankees back end of the lineup is terrible. Bailey is coming off a spectacular game, and even when he does get hit he still goes at least 5 innings. He’s also still cheap and again on a slate where pitching is terrible, I’m ok with Homer.

(Risk factor 6)

Cashner – Suuuuuuuper cheap and a nice ball park shift for him. It’s extremely risky because of how hot Tampa has been, but There’s not much upside needed for his price to pay off

(Risk factor 7)

The Bats

Colorado – I hate playing Coors, but I love this spot for the Rockies tonight. Blackman is due for a huge game, and Nolan and coming off 3 big games in San Diego.

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