The Cycle

The Staff

Woodruff – This is a good spot for him with Trout out of the lineup. Peralta got killed yesterday because all he threw was his 91 mph fastball. Woodruff mixes his pitches well and should be able to keep this team off balance. 

(Risk factor 5)

Lyles – HEAVY WIND AND COLD in Chicago today. Lyles has handled lefties pretty well, and has good history against both Descalso and Rizzo. The winds should help considerably for Lyles and he’s priced low enough that 28-33 fantasy points is what we’re looking for. 

(Risk factor 5)

Ray – I hate using Ray at home, but with so many lefties in this Texas lineup I’m ok with it in this spot. He has electric stuff, and a high k rate which helps considerably against these lefties. I’m sure he’ll give up a homer to a someone like Andrus, but I’m ok with the upside 

(Risk factor 5)

The Bats 

Milwaukee – If you couldn’t tell, Southern Cal Moose likes hitting in Cali. Use the lefties

Mets – They’re destroying the baseball. Nimmo has found his stroke, while Conforto and Alonso are both hitting everything hard. 


Oakland – Small Park for newly signed Straily who’s already given up 5 runs at home. Davis and Chapman go back to back. 

Seattle – Beautiful hitting conditions in KC with the wind blowing pretty heavy out to right. 

(Lefties with power)

Soto/Rendon mini stack!