The Cycle

The Staff

Thornton – Cleveland will most likely be without Jose Ramirez tonight after getting injured in yesterday’s game. Cleveland lineup is so watered down with their injuries it’s hard not to pick on them. Thornton threw well in his first start, striking out 8 in 5 innings. He should have a little bit longer leash, hopefully into the 6th inning tonight. 

(Risk factor 5)

Gray – After such a great spring, Sonny game out and stunk it up in his first start against this same team. We’re going back to picking on the Pirates back end of their lineup, we saw Mahle mow these guys down last night. Sonny should right the ship tonight, this time with a nice park upgrade at PNC.

(Risk factor 5) 

Quintana – He has dominated this team, to a combined .235 average and just 6 homers in a very large sample size. Q came out of the pen once this season and absolutely manhandled Texas striking out 8 in only 4 innings. There’s some strike outs in this Milwaukee lineup, so the upside is definitely there. 

(Risk factor 5)

Bieber – He’ll probably be the highest owned pitcher tonight, facing a bad Toronto team. The only question is how deep will he go, with this being his first start. I’m not sure he’s 100% stretched out, so I’m thinking 85 pitches. It’s a great matchup, and one he can get a lot of strikeouts in. 

(Risk factor 4)

The Bats

Miami – They have beat the brakes off Gausman in his career. This is his first start coming off and shoulder issue, so Miami needs to take advantage of that. 

(Castro, Anderson, Grandson, Brinson)

Texas – Going back to them again tonight against Pena. Love the lefties here and Andrus. 

Boston/Arizona – Roof open in Arizona and 79 degrees. The ball is going to Carry

(1-6 Boston and 2-5 Arizona)

Atlanta – Pablo doesn’t have a high k rate, and Atlanta is so close to going Nuclear at home. Acuna should have a huge game, along with Albies.