Dr. Roto’s Super Bowl LIII Wrap Up

This free-to-read Super Bowl LIII delves into the mind of Senior Fantasy Football Expert Dr. Roto! Find out what he thinks about New England's 13-3 victory over Los Angeles!

Daily Dr. Roto—February 4, 2019

Super Bowl Prescription Notes

–Congratulations to the New England Patriots for winning the Super Bowl. Once again, Bill Belichick out-coached his competition by a mile.

–Even though he was won six Super Bowls. I am still impressed by Tom Brady’s ability to be humble in the moment. He certainly did not have one of his best games, but he led the game winning drive when his team needed him the most.

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–Is Julian Edelman a Hall of Famer? I am not sure, but if he is, he can thank this performance for getting him there.

–I would be shocked if Rob Gronkowski returns to the team next season. There is no better way to go out than as a champion, and his body has taken enough abuse over the years. Gronk can make millions through endorsements, Hollywood, and even the WWE, that football will no longer be necessary.

–Stephon Gilmore proved that he is one of the top cover CB in the league. I will make sure to treat him that way next season in DFS when he goes up against a solid opposing WR1.

–I am incredibly confused with how the Rams used Todd Gurley. Don’t say that he is healthy and then give C.J. Anderson more carries in the first half. If I am going to lose the game, I want to lose it with my best player playing, not with a guy who was on the scrap heap one month ago.

–Jared Goff is far from a Super Bowl winning QB. He couldn’t have looked worse at times and was frustrated by the New England defense all game long. I know that Belichick is a genius, but Goff must make a play if he expects to win. He completely overthrew a wide-open Cooks in the end zone. That said, he did put up a very catchable ball to Brandin Cooks late in the game who had a huge drop.

–My friend Listener #4 commented to me that Goff looked off from the kickoff. Bash Eli Manning all you want but no moment was ever too big for him. This off-season will be a testament to Goff’s resiliency. Some QBs can shake a big loss off, while others cannot.

–Robert Woods had the quietest 5 for 70-yard game that I have seen in a while. I wish they threw him the ball more often.

–I still wonder to myself if the Rams would have won this Super Bowl had Cooper Kupp been playing? Kupp is to Los Angeles as Edelman is to the Patriots.

–How is it possible that the Rams did not double Edelman all game long? That decision probably cost them the Super Bowl.

–As I was watching the game with Mrs. Roto and Little Roto, I was literally calling out the Patriots plays before they happened. I know that I am a Fantasy Football expert, but if I know that the Patriots are going to run the football, how can the Rams let up a 26-yard run to Rex Burkhead at one of the most crucial points in the game?

–Now, more than ever, Saints fans must be incredibly frustrated at the bad officiating. The Saints would have made this a far more interesting game.

–Was it me or was Maroon 5’s half-time performance almost as lackluster as the game?

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