High-Stakes Breakdown: 5 Worst Picks From Recent Online Championship Draft

Senior Fantasy Expert Dr. Roto critiques the 5 worst picks in a recent Online Championship draft based on ADP, positional value and roster construction.

Jacksonville Jaguars DE Calais Campbell

Daily Dr. Roto — July 10, 2018

The 5 Worst Picks in the Most Recent Online Championship Draft

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5) Jaguars Defense (pick 10.4) — I am still mystified as to why Fantasy Football owners take their defenses before Round 14 or 15. I know that the Jaguars are a spectacular defense, but are they worthy of a tenth-round selection? This team passed on players like WR Anthony Miller, TE David Njoku, and many others to jump on last year’s best defense. It was a huge error as far as I am concerned.

4) Andy Dalton (Pick 16.1) — It’s not that Andy Dalton is a bad pick. It’s that the team who took him already had taken Philip Rivers AND Dak Prescott. Why would any Fantasy owner need three QBs in a 20-round draft? Any self-respecting high stakes Fantasy owner will tell you that the idea in an early season draft is to take as many chances at RB and WR as possible and hope that some of them work out. Taking three QBs in a league that only starts one QB is nonsensical.


3) Mark Ingram (pick 5.1) — This pick only makes sense to me if Alvin Kamara gets injured at some point late in the season. Outside of that, I think this pick is way too early. Ingram is going to miss the first four games due to his suspension and then has a BYE week in Week 6. With Ingram only getting a few carries in Week 5 it will mean that he has practically no value until Week 7 at the earliest. With names like Sony Michel and Derrick Henry available at that pick, I would have certainly passed on Ingram and take one of the other guys instead.

2) Eric Ebron and Jack Doyle (Picks 11.12 and 12.1) — I can understand the reasoning behind taking two tight ends at this juncture at the draft, even though I probably would not have done so myself. What troubles me is why anyone would take back-to-back tight ends from the same team at that point in the draft? The players are on the same BYE week and often will cancel each other out on offense on some weeks. To prove my point even further, this owner selected Rams TE Gerald Everett in 17.12 just because he knew he made a mistake taking two players from the same team. It is imperative that when you are drafting that you pay attention to all BYE weeks and make sure that your players are not both off the same week.

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1) Travis Kelce (3.6) — But wait, Dr. Roto, how is this a bad selection? Isn’t Kelce a third-round value? Yes, he is, but the team who took him had already taken Rob Gronkowski in Round 2. Why did this team need to take back to back tight ends in two of the first three rounds? I am totally in support of drafting one of them — but drafting both is sheer lunacy. While it is true that in some leagues, Fantasy owners corner the tight end market because they use 1.5 points per reception for the TE position, the FFWC does not adhere to that rule. Ergo, it is vital for Fantasy owners to make sure that they know the rules of their league before drafting.

Dishonorable Mention: Zach Ertz (Pick 3.7) — If you read my article from last week, you know that I think Ertz is extremely overvalued this season. At 3.7, this owner is paying full price for last year’s stats. Doing this is a surefire way to end up losing a Fantasy league.

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