Fantasy Football World Championships Welcome Bill Maendele!

Please help us welcome Bill Maendele to the seventh annual Fantasy Football World Championships! Maendele is competing for his third consecutive FFWC league title!

FullTime Fantasy Sports invites you to help us welcome Bill Maendele to the seventh annual Fantasy Football World Championships hosted at The Palms Casino & Resort! Maendele has been playing in the FFWC for many years now.

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In 2016, Bill took down his first individual league after finishing 11-2. He won the league championship and finished with the best record for a nice lofty sum of $7,500. He placed 92nd in the entire competition and returned in 2017 in hopes of building upon a great season.

Although his record was just 8-5 last season, he finished the regular season with a mind blowing number of points and qualified for another postseason berth. Maendele took down back-to-back championships after crushing his opponents in the playoffs. While he did improve in 2017 by finishing 44th overall, it was still not enough to cash in the Overall Championship Playoffs.

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So now Bill is back for more, hoping to three-peat and to finally finish in the money of the Overall Prize Pool. Welcome Bill! It’s good to have you back!

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