The Art of Trading in Dynasty Leagues

The Art of Trading in Dynasty Leagues

Dynasty Fantasy Football is on a whole other level from redrafts. Dynasty leagues take a lot more work and skill. For those of you new to Dynasty leagues or struggling, this article will provide some essential tips to help you build a champion. Once you commit and get into Dynasty football, it’s far more rewarding. Check out these tips and prove why you’re the Dynasty Fantasy Football Champion. Also, compete in out Dynasty Football World Championships. It’s an opportunity to take your skills to the next level and earn the title of The Best in the World!

1. Understand the Status of Your Team

Before you trade, you need to determine what your franchise is trying to accomplish. If you’re in first place or at least in line for a high playoff spot at midseason, but your team just lost a starting running back or wide receiver due to injury, trading away some of your potential future contributors for a 28-to-30-year-old stud who can help you in the present makes sense. You should never pass up an opportunity to win a championship, assuming you have a realistic shot to win. They are not easy to come by if you play tough competition. On the other hand, if you’re clearly out of the playoff picture or a long shot, you should be looking to move those aging stars while they are at their peak value to acquire some young, high-upside players. Guys that can help you for the next half decade or longer.

In the offseason, when all is equal and everyone has hope, that’s when things get interesting. The youngest players, all things being even, inherently carry higher than average value. However, the 24-to-27-year-old proven commodities will almost always hold the most value since they are in that sweet spot area as reliable Fantasy options with age still on their side. A promising rookie will very rarely have more value than a player who has been to multiple Pro Bowls before the age of 27. You want to exploit the owners who lean too heavily in either direction. Some people fall in love with upside, and you can take advantage of that by snagging their great veterans in return for players who have nothing more than potential. Some owners get star struck and are constantly in win-now mode. You can force them to overpay for the big names and obtain an abundance of young talent. Always do everything in your power to sell high and buy low. For example, selling an aging player due to their big name is a great idea if someone falls in love with them. Also, don’t forget that rookies have accomplished nothing and if you get blown away with an offer for one, don’t be afraid to at the very least consider it.

2. Understand Your Team Needs & Understand the NFL

You must understand what your team needs. If it is your pick and there are a number of veteran stud QBs available, sure maybe a rookie QB looks good or maybe a receiver like surefire up-and-coming WR may better suit your roster right now. Don’t fall in love with names. Address needs first! The biggest name isn’t always the best option if he’s not what you need. If you’re loaded at one position, it makes sense to unload a player at a position of depth to fill out weak spots on your roster. You can only play so many players at each position. Conversely, you have to play a certain amount at others. Balance is very important. If you have a great player at a loaded position, that player has a ton of value.

Understand whether you’re making moves to win this season or the future. You should load up on running backs because they are always getting hurt. Understand that the NFL does everything possible to protect quarterbacks and has taken huge steps to protect pass-catchers as well. Tight ends are oft-injured as well, but just don’t hold as much value. Be sure to analyze and re-analyze your roster considering everything. Knowing and understanding your team is key.

3. Determining Value

In Dynasty Fantasy Football leagues, age is usually the first thing you consider when initially determining value. However, there is so much that goes into the evaluation process. The ideal way to determine a young player’s value is to watch and analyze them. Simple enough, right? Watch a lot of NCAA football and read the scouting reports on players. Even after they’re drafted, they’re still up. If you want to take it to the next level, watch and break down some game film. However, breaking down film and knowing what you’re looking at is not as simple as it may sound. As a former scout, I can tell you there is a lot to look for. Still, you can watch a player and determine if you like him or not. Not everything has to be overly complicated. Become familiar with the teammates surrounding him in his offense and his coaches’ tendencies. You can also utilize the FullTime Fantasy staff. We can all be reached on the FullTime Fantasy Premium Forums and social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. Follow me (@CoolCutter21) on Twitter. We have great interaction and coverage @SCOUTFantasy as well.

4. Wait for the Right Deal

Never get antsy or panic and make a deal just to make a deal. Sure it’s good to shake things up at times, but you have to get value. If you have a bad a few weeks, don’t just dump players for the sake of doing so. It will come back to haunt you for years to come. That’s the issue with Dynasty leagues. These mistakes stay with you for a long time. It’s not like re-drafts when at the end of the year you just start over.

Every move you make should be well thought out and calculated. Don’t be “that guy”. Wait for someone else to be “that guy”. There are a ton of players that will do exactly what I’m describing. Be cut throat, take advantage and bury them. You’re in it to win it, not to be buddies. Capitalize on every mistake. Bide your time and wait for the right deal to present itself. If it doesn’t, you’re better off staying put. Even if it means struggling a bit in the present. Dynasty leagues are long term investments. Don’t kill your future or help an opponent build a powerhouse.

5. Have Patience with Players

Also, have patience with players. Not every player is going to be a superstar as a rookie. Rookie breakouts are not the norm. Maybe one or two are Fantasy relevant in their first seasons. Patience is a virtue in Dynasty leagues.  Many players take time to develop. The majority of players don’t begin to hit their peak until their third or fourth season. There are a number of reasons for this. They may have to work their way up a stacked depth chart. Or maybe their techniques are raw, and their game needs refining. You see this often with young players who have issues with blocking or technique. They have an abundance of talent yet struggle to get snaps early in their career because they are a detriment in pass protection or run blocking, which causes them to be pulled off the field in potentially valuable situations. Players grow and they can blossom after a few seasons, maybe longer. Generally speaking though, if a player has lots of playing time and performs at a mediocre level over a span of many, many games or a full season, it’s okay to move on. Selling low isn’t ideal, but you can typically find a trade partner will to pay a little bit more if you look around.

6. Conclusion

Hopefully, this advice helps you build a dominant Dynasty team. Be smart, be patient and hone your skills when it comes to evaluating talent. A lot goes into Dynasty leagues, but they are a ton of fun and more rewarding than re-drafts. They are for the most hardcore of players, and a lot of work goes into them. There is no luck with Dynasty leagues, just accomplishment.