BestBall World Championship – Draft A Team in 2 Minutes

Everyone deserves a team, so draft til you're happy! Draft a team in minutes for the BestBall World Championship and win $2,500.


Perfect for first-time users and seasoned pros! The 2017 BestBall World Championship challenges users to craft the best roster possible in our custom draft simulator. Submit your FREE team, then watch it climb the leaderboard all year long as you fight for the $2.5K prize!

Worried about the time commitment? Our drafts take as little as five minutes, and computer-optimized rosters do all the in-season work. Easy. Fast. Fun!

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Team scoring is carried out to the hundredth decimal place (e.g. a team may score 104.35 points).

An individual offensive player on any active starting lineup will be credited points for scoring in the following manner:


· Yards passing divided by 20 (e.g. 301 passing yards = 15.05 fantasy points)
· 4 Points for every passing TD.
· Minus one point (-1) for every interception thrown.


· Yards rushing divided by 10 (e.g. 116 rushing yards = 11.6 fantasy points).
· 6 points for every rushing TD.
· 1 point for every reception.


· Yards receiving divided by 10 (e.g. 73 receiving yards = 7.3 fantasy points).
· 6 points for every receiving TD.
· 1 point for every reception.


· 1 point for every Extra Point
· 3 points for every FG of 1-30 yards plus 0.1 point for every yard thereafter.
· Example: A 46 yard FG would be worth 4.6 points.

Defense and Special Teams Scoring

· 1 point for every sack
· 2 points for every team takeaway (interception or fumble recovery)**
· 6 points for every TD (via interception return, fumble return, punt or kickoff return, blocked FG return, missed FG return, blocked punt return)*
· 2 points for every safety
· 5 points for every shutout***
· 2 points for allowing between 1-5 points***
· 1 point for allowing between 6-10 points***

* TDs scored on “fake” FGs or “fake” punts do NOT count as Defense/Special Teams scoring. TDs scored by the offensive team after a blocked FG or blocked punt do NOT count as a Defense/Special teams score. TDs scored on a double-turnover only count for the individual player who scored the TD, not for the team.

** A double turnover is considered points for the recovering team’s defense and ST. Thus, an example, team A’s offense fumbles and team B’s defense recovers, but then fumbles the ball back to team A’s offense. In that scenario team A’s defense and special teams (along with team B’s defense and ST) are both awarded a fumble recovery.

*** Any and all points scored against a team are considered points scored against the special teams and defense. Thus, as an example, a turnover by the offense that is returned for a TD is considered as points scored against the special teams and defense.


In order for your drafted team to be eligible to compete, click the PLAY NOW link above. Your draft slot will then be randomized. The setup for the contest is the following:

  • 12-Team League
  • 16-Round Draft
  • 10-man Starting Lineup
  • Starting lineup requirements are the same as our Scout Starter Leagues: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 PK, 1 D/ST and 1 Flex (RB-WR-TE)

We’ll optimize your roster each week (best-ball) for the best possible lineup. This setup creates a uniform standard. For example, it wouldn’t be fair to allow one team to enter with 25 players on the roster. You are welcome to customize the mock draft simulator to tailor to your home league needs; however, entries that do not meet the contest’s criteria will not be entered. To learn the rest of the rules, please click here.

  • Use our mock draft tool which has been preset for our scoring and lineup rules, to create a team of 16 players.
  • Each mock draft will have a total of 12 teams; one team is drafted by you, all the other teams are drafted by the simulator.
  • Weekly Starting Lineup: 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 PK, 1 DEF & 1 flex player (RB,WR or TE).
  • The standings are based on total points scored during the NFL regular season, week 1 through week 17.
  • No need to enter a lineup each week. The system will pick your “best” lineup on Tuesday morning, following each week’s games.
  • Enter as many teams as you want. (limit 3,000)
  • The system will update scoring each Thursday morning due to NFL changes in stats.
  • In the event of a tie, the tie breakers are:
  • Highest scoring QB on roster from weeks 1 through 17
  • Highest scoring RB on roster from weeks 1 through 17
  • Highest scoring WR on roster from weeks 1 through 17
  • Highest scoring TE on roster from weeks 1 through 17
  • Highest scoring PK on roster from weeks 1 through 17
  • Highest scoring DEF on roster from weeks 1 through 17
  • Highest scoring of total roster from weeks 1 through 17
  • If a tie remains after all the tie-breakers, then each team will split the $2,500 cash prize
  • Max teams per user: 3,000
  • Max teams in the contest: 1,000,000

Eligibility: The Contest is open to persons who are: (a) Registered Users; (b) legal permanent residents of the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec) (for purposes of clarity, Puerto Rico is expressly excluded); and (c) at least eighteen (18) years old or age of majority, whichever is older in state of residence, at the date of registration in the Contest. Participants from the United States must agree to the Fulltime Fantasy Terms of Use prior to participation. Void where prohibited by law.


First place wins $2,500 CASH or…

The Ultimate Fantasy Football Experience

· One (1) Free Entry into the Fantasy Football World Championship – Learn More

· Two (2) night stay at a Las Vegas Hotel (to be determined)

· Two (2) Roundtrip tickets to Las Vegas from anywhere in the continental United States (valued up to $800)

Plus, second through fifth place win a 2018 Online Championship team, sixth through tenth win a $100 game credit, 11th through 50th win a $25 game credit, 51st through 75th win a $10 game credit and 76th through 100th win a $5 game credit.

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