Steve Renner’s MLB DFS – 9/8


Yu Darvish … I love Darvish tonight.  The time has come for the Dodgers to get a win and stop the bleeding and since the Rockies haven’t seen Darvish before I give him the edge with his slider being very unique.

Max Scherzer … Max will dominate the Phillies tonight.  We get one more vintage Max performance today and the question becomes if you find enough value bats to pair with him.

Jimmy Nelson … 60 degree temps, wind blowing in heavy and a cold/banged up Cubs team.  Nelson has pitched well vs them and in Wrigley.

Marcus Stroman … Stroman at home against a dead walking Tigers team is like … it’s like …  It’s like ordering the fish taco’s at your favorite mexican restaurant.  It wont disappoint, but you won’t be all super psyched to get some fucking fish taco’s.



Lucas Giolito … Wooo, are we seeing the pitching version of Mike Trout here?  Guy who came up and struggled and then when he came up the second time became an absolute stud?  Did someone spike my morning coffee?  Did I seriously just write that?  Anyways, the Giants offense isn’t scary and Chicago should hit Matt Moore – HARD giving Gio enough run support if he exits early to hold onto the win.

Trevor Williams … I wish he was at home, and I usually stack this series but the Cards return home after a west coast trip and I’m gonna ride T-Williams for another good start.  Luke Weaver also in play if you play the under in this game, he’s got great K% numbers so far.



Arizona … If you didn’t see me listing them first coming a mile away, then you haven’t solved my code yet!   Sadly, the roof is closed.  It’s still 100+ degrees in Arizona?  Who knew.

Seattle / LA Angels … This game is going to be a sneaky good one today.  Both pitchers are in that C+ range of pitchers who are good enough to navigate through 4 to 5 IP but will give up 3-4 ER off a couple bombs in an instant.

Washington … I used Jake Thompson on his breakout game and now I will use him on his regression game.  And by use, I mean stacking all the Nationals.  PLEASE Nationals, put a normal lineup out tonight.  PLEASE…


Favorite One Off Combo’s

Freddie Freeman/Christian Yelich …. Someone wake up Freeman and tell him that Jose Urena is pitching…..  Yelich is 7 for 17 against Folty and playing in Atlanta where lefties rake.




  • Mike Zunino
  • Gary Sanchez – One of the few games in good hitting conditions today.
  • Brian McCann


  • Prince Frederick Freeman
  • Chris Davis – Lefties in Cleveland!
  • Jose Abreu
  • Wil Myers


  • Daniel Murphy
  • Robinson Cano
  • Jonathan Schoop


  • Jake Lamb – Splish Splash Bitches!  Back in the Pool we go.
  • Anthony Rendon
  • Todd Frazier


  • Trea Turner – Yo, this thing on?  I want a BIIIIG GAME… BIG BIG BIIIIIIG
  • Jorge Polanco
  • Francisco Lindor


  • Christian Yelich
  • AJ Pollock
  • Jabari Splish Splash Blash
  • Mike Trout


  • David Peralta
  • Nelson Cruz
  • Eddie Rosario
  • Steven Souza Jr
  • Nick Markakis
  • Marcell Ozuna


  • Howie Kendrick
  • Mitch Haniger
  • Michael A. Taylor



  1. Freddie Freeman – 1B – Chairman
  2. Christian Yelich – OF
  3. Jake ‘Splish Splash’ Lamb – 3B
  4. Jabari ‘Splish Splash’ Blash – OF
  5. Trea Turner – SS
  6. Daniel Murphy – 2B
  7. Mike Zunino – C
  8. Mike Trout – OF
  9. BONUS …….. Chris Davis – 1B



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