Jaguar Lou’s Cash Play’s – 10/19/17

Notes about tonight:

·         With Blowouts expected in two of the three games tonight, lineups must be constructed considering that most of your most expensive players could be sitting the entire fourth quarter.


·         Due to Bobby Portis’ altercation with Nikola Mirotic the Bulls are dealing with a make shift lineup. (suggested fade)


PG Russel Westbrook – 11,800 FD & 11,000 DK

Despite the realistic chances that Russel Westbrook will be sitting in the fourth quarter, on a small 3-game slate I don’t think you can afford to fade him.  Plus, the Knicks could make it a game…Right? Probably not but either way Westbrook’s usage is just too high, on a three-game slate raw points become something you have to prioritize when guaranteed production is limited. Although I see Carmelo and George limiting Westbrook’s shot attempts, there will be more than enough fantasy stats to go around. I don’t know if I will be doing many lineups including all three of OKC’s big 3 (Carmelo, George and Westbrook) but I will be investing of shares in each of the big 3, just not altogether. My favorite combination is Russel Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony. The Oklahoma City Thunder are favored with a spread – 12.5 with a 215.5 O/U.

**If the Knicks somehow make this a game, having shares of Westbrook will be imperative**

Other Cash PG Option(s): Patrick Beverly, Kyle Lowry & Lonzo Ball (GPP)


SG DeMar DeRozen – 8,800 FD & 8,300 DK

DeMar DeRozen and Kyle Lowry are a two-man team in Toronto. DeMar DeRozen and Kyle Lowry will be taking roughly 60-70 % of the shot attempts in tonight’s game favoring Toronto by 13.5 points with a 207.5 O/U. Rostering Lowry and DeRozen for your cash games becomes an obvious call. Once again, my main concern is the blow out potential but like I said before, on a night like tonight there’s something to be said for raw points.   

Other Cash SG Option(s): Tim Hardaway (Safer GPP Play)


SF Danilo Gallinari – 6,800 FD & 6,200 DK

Danilo Gallinari has a nice matchup against a Lakers team notorious for allowing major points to the Small forward position. Gallinari will be matching up against 32-year-old Luol Deng. With a Lakers team that will be franticly trying to contain DeAndre Jordon, I believe Danilo Gallinari has the opportunity to make a splash in his first game with the Clippers, while maintaining a solid floor due to his various statistical abilities.  The L.A Clippers are favored at – 6 with a 217 O/U.

Other Cash SF Option(s): Paul George


SF/PF Carmelo Anthony – 8,000 FD & 7,200 DK

The Revenge narrative of a lifetime. Carmelo Anthony faces the New York Knicks in his first game with the Oklahoma City Thunder. I won’t go through the whole history of this relationship but just know that there is bad blood between Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks (and New Yorkers in general for that matter). Carmelo should be matching up against Porzingis all night. Despite the length that Porzingis carries on the defensive end of the court, I truly believe Carmelo will have no problem scoring on the 7-foot 3-inch Power Forward/Center (On the off-chance Hardaway guards Melo, I like this play even more). Beside the fact that Carmelo will undoubtingly want to show up his old team, the matchup is favorable – The perfect storm. I am slightly concerned simply because we have yet to see how this new Oklahoma City squad play’s together but I think it’s safe to say pairing Melo’s favorable matchup/usage rate with the revenge narrative, you can’t go wrong. The Oklahoma City Thunder are favored with a spread of -12.5 in a 215.5 O/U.

Other Cash PF Option(s): Serge Ibaka & Kristaps Porzingis **Michael Beasley – if Porzingis in out**


C DeAndre Jordan – 8,200 FD & 7,500 DK

Brook Lopez is a very poor defender. The Brooklyn Nets allowed the most fantasy points to opposing Centers last season due to Brook Lopez’ defensive limitations. Tonight, he faces a true Center in DeAndre Jordan who should have absolutely no problem producing against Brook Lopez. With Chris Paul and J.J Redick gone, the L.A Clippers need to find players who will step up and fill the void. I’m expecting DeAndre Jordan to be the focal point of a game where the Clippers are favored at – 6 with a 217 O/U. In addition to his 20+ projected points, Jordan will benefit from massive rebound/block production – I fully expect him to reach value at such reasonable salaries.

Other Cash Center Option(s): Jonas Valanciunas & Enes Kanter (Revenge/Garbage time)



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