Introduction to Advanced ADP with High / Low Draft Windows

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Advanced Average Draft Position is based on the most recent 10 Online Championship and World Championship drafts. The best of the best, so you’re prepared on draft day. The stuff you see online will NOT prepare you for the real thing when it counts!  FullTime Fantasy Premium Members gain access to the incredible and unique High / Low Data for each player (giving you what our high stakes players are calling a precise draft window) as well as each player’s unique draft position over the 10 most recent drafts. This is absolute MUST-HAVE game-changing data.

Things change fast. Find out the exact window of opportunity for the key players you are looking to target the most. Don’t hope he’s there the next round, KNOW IT.

ADP is an incredibly useful draft preparation tool, but when you combine ADP with the most recent High / Low Data, you now make simple ADP obsolete. The average is helpful, but combined with the high low window for each player, you can now zero in on exactly what draft range that player is being drafted in. If you want to access every single player’s previous 10 draft spots, plus their high and low during those 10 drafts, you’ll have to become a member of the #FullTimeArmy. Here’s a sample of the first round of the latest five drafts.

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While FullTime Fantasy’s high-stakes ADP is helpful in gauging general areas of draft prediction, we strongly feel that our Members need NOW data: high / low draft windows on each player, from the best players playing at the highest level, in order to prepare for their big draft. In our Fantasy Football World Championships and Online Championship contests, each owner must roster 20 players and start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 1 PK and 1 DEF. We use a pretty standard PPR scoring system in these leagues. Find out if any of the top players in the world are high on certain players due to recent NFL news, free agency signings or injuries. This amazing tool will help you navigate through your draft when the big day comes! Check back everyday for the most recent draft stats.

We have three different packages, but each one provides the Premium Advanced ADP! Not only do you get this amazing high-stakes tool, but you will also get your questions answered directly by our experts on our Premium message boards, all draft season long and during those difficult Sunday morning Who Do I Start dilemmas.

Win your league with FullTime Fantasy’s premium Fantasy coverage. Jody Smith, Shawn Childs, Scott Atkins, Ian Ritchie and Roy Larking will give you an edge with their in-depth analysis so you can be prepared on draft day!
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