2021 March Madness Drafting Has Arrived!

march madness 2021


Brackets? We’ve filled ’em out for years so let’s try SOMETHING NEW. Join a Madness League composed of four drafters. Each drafter selects 16 NCAA teams. (serpentine style, 1-4, 4-1 etc) Your NCAA teams win games to earn points plus extra bonus points for upsets (seed not point spread). You can choose a Slow draft and receive notifications via text or email when you’re on the clock or join a Live draft against three other players in our lobby. Both Slow drafts and Live drafts are available immediately following the tournament selection show on Sunday (8 PM ET).

Win a NBA Top Shot Steph Curry NFT! It is completely free to play and we have a ton of prizes available for both league and overall winners including this NBA Top Shot Steph Curry NFT!

The Basics
4 Team Leagues
16 Team Rosters
Scoring System
Round 1: 1 point (6 bonus points per upset)
Round 2: 2 points (5 bonus points per upset)
Round 3 (Sweet 16): 3 points (4 bonus points per upset)
Round 4 (Elite 8): 4 points (3 bonus points per upset)
Round 5 (Final 4): 5 points (2 bonus points per upset)
Round 6 (Championship): 6 points (1 bonus point per upset)

Choose any One (1) of the Following – LIMIT TWO MAXIMUM LEAGUE WIN PRIZES:

One (1) 50% Discounted 6 Month Fantasy Membership (prize valued approx 35 USD)
One (1) 50% Discounted 2021 Starter League Entry (prize valued approx 20 USD)

1st One (1) Free NBA Top Shot Steph Curry (Series 2) NFT
2nd One (1) Free year of SeasonLong Membership or 100 in FFWC Game Credit
3rd One (1) Free six months of SeasonLong Membership or 50 in FFWC Game Credit
4th One (1) Free entry 2021 Starter League
5th One (1) Free entry 2021 Starter League

Read full rules here



#1 Seed vs #16 – 135-1 99.26% Win%
#2 Seed vs #15 – 128-8 94.12% Win%
#3 Seed vs #14 – 115-21 84.56% Win%
#4 Seed vs #13 – 108-28 79.41% Win%
#5 Seed vs #12 – 89-47 65.44% Win%
#6 Seed vs #11 – 85-51 62.5% Win%
#7 Seed vs #10 – 84-52 61.76% Win%
#8 Seed vs #9 – 69-67 50.74% Win%

Fun facts: 2018 saw our 1st ever #1 seed go down to a #16 seed. #1 seeds have only all advanced to Final 4 just one time ever. The lowest seed to win a championship was an 8 seed.

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