Today’s game break down.

5 game slate starting  at 2pm today.


GuardsWestbrook, Harden and Donic: They are all viable today. Harden and Westbrook have a tougher matchup, but this has not stopped them before. Doncic has a much better matchup and my preferred play. Enough value to get a few 10k players in today.

*Ja Morant goes against the Spurs, who just got lit up by Fox.

Trey Burke– player solid minutes and gets a very nice matchup. Low ownership.

Shooting Guard- Caris LeVert is similarly priced as DeRozan. Same upside as well, but think he comes in at a lower ownership.

Power Foward- Thies gets an excellent matchup  and seen 30 plus minutes. Good chance for 7x.

Center- Thomas Bryant gets one of the best matchups for an opposing center. Played solid minutes and has shown 40 FPs upside in the past.


Good Luck