Dynasty Football Rankings by Scott Atkins

Freshly updated 2020 Dynasty football rankings after the NFL Draft! Remember, these are based on perceived trade value, meaning the rankings are primarily based on what it would take to move the player.

Wisconsin RB Jonathan Taylor

Last updated Aug 2, 2020

Freshly updated Dynasty Football Rankings as we approach the 2020 Fantasy Football season! Dynasty leagues are, without a doubt, the fastest growing segment in all of Fantasy sports. The concept is actually quite simple. Draft your startup team, compete all year and KEEP your entire team the following year. You add to your team in the off-season through an annual ROOKIE and free agent draft every year, which occurs immediately following the NFL Draft.

I’m in over ten dynasty leagues and I have went through the rankings pretty extensively with a lot of new movers to give you the most up to date information possible. Remember, these are based on perceived trade value therefore the rankings are primarily based on what it would take for me to move the player. I heavily weigh AGE in rankings (closer to a 4 year window) If you only use a 2-3 year window, you’ll likely be stuck with players who underperform or show signs of age that you can’t trade for fair value. My goal is for you to get the best years from a player and trade them while their value is still high before the decline when the secret is out.

Dynasty orphans are SOLD out for the 2020 season but never fear. Dynasty Startups, which include this year’s rookie class are on sale now! Visit our Draft Lobby to see the different leagues available. $75, $150 and the Dynasty World Championship at $299. We also offer SuperFlex at $75 and $150.

Hit me up on Twitter @ScottFantasy if you’d like to discuss or question my rankings. Your feedback does make a difference. Happy Trading!

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