4th and Goal Week 6


Watson/Mahomes – Shoot out game with both guys being heavily owned. One of these guys will probably end up being top QB on the slate, but I do like Watson a tad more.

Cousins – Attack Philly through the air. Vikings play much better at home, and expect some bad blood against these two teams. Philly’s secondary is bad, which will help Cousins check down and find both Vikings receivers for scores.

Jackson – Nice play off the Mahomes/Watson chalk with same upside. Jackson will use his leads til they get inside the 5 and hand it to Ingram. He’s coming off 2 subpar games, and should explode this week.

Goff – Will be in his hands today with Gurley out. They’ll use the underneath routes as their run plays often, which should give Goff 40+ attempts.

Running backs

Kamara – injury popped up this week but Jacksonville can’t stop a single running back. Make sure he’s in though.

Fournette – New Orleans does have a very good front 7, but at his price and how involved he is in this offense I’ll take my chance.

Ingram – Gets all the touches inside the 5 and and 70% inside the 10. Will score probably twice this week.

Howard – he is a Viking killer. Scores almost every time he plays against Minnesota.

Hyde – One way to get some exposure in this game and fading the QB’s. Fuller was twice stopped at the 1 last week, which could happen again. Easy money for Hyde.

Wide Receivers

Thielen – Attack Philly secondary especially when They’re on the road.

Kupp – A LOT A LOT A LOT A LOT of targets incoming

Fuller – Donkey play as told to me by Renner. Still like it.

Cooper – Been so dominate lately. Jets front 7 will try to do all they can to stop Zeke, they’ll need coop today.

McLaurin – Healthy and will be fed the ball early and often with Case back.

Tight End

Hooper – TE’s vs Arizona still a thing?

Kelce – Shoot out

Walker – Denver another team that cannot cover athletic TE