The Cycle

The Staff

Living in the cheap section tonight for arms. I don’t really love the higher priced arms, so roster and pray on these guys.

Gausman – Yes I know he got hammered by this team 5 days ago. BUT he is at home where his sabermetrics are SLIGHTY better. This is risky as hell I know, but with weather issues and matchups that can be exposed it’s worth a shot.

Alcantara – This kid turned a corner in his development. He’s pitching to contact now, instead of getting cute on the corners. This some Revenge narrative as well, as Sandy was a centerpiece in the Ozuna trade.

Marquez – Everyone will be flocking to Chicago tonight after knocking him around for 8 runs in his last start against them. Marquez has figured out how to pitch in Coors and I want no parts of the cubs tonight. He goes 7 innings and strikes out 8 tonight.


The Bats 

Dodgers – it’s warm in LA and I highly doubt canning has the tools to strike these guys out tonight.

(Lefties and turner)

Washington – Love this spot here for them. Despaigne is not a good pitcher (being a Marlins fan I watched them try to develop him). Prime spot for Washington to explode for double digit runs.

White Sox – I’ve been attacking Sanchez every start, and I’ll continue til we get that 4 homer game.