The Cycle

The Staff

Snell – Arizona has been really good against lefties, but they’re coming off a series in Coors where they destroyed their lefties so this is a huge negative park shift. Snell is always great at home, and under priced on FanDuel.

(Risk factor 5)

Paddack – Mets haven’t been hitting well at all, and Paddack has the tools to really destroy this lineup. He’s still around 90 pitches or so, but that’s should be enough to get in 6 innings and 8 k’s.

(Risk factor 4)

SANDYYYYYY – This is risky as hell, I know this. It’s cold in Chicago, and a wind blowing in around 15 mph. He did get lit up by this Cubs team earlier in the year, but it didn’t come from the big fly. He was singled to death, and the guy who really hurt him was Descalso (who’s out tonight)

(Risk factor 6)

The Bats

Houston – Putting up runs every game, and finally looks like Yuli is seeing the ball well (extremely underpriced)


Dodgers – Gausman is starting even though he was suspended, but there’s rumors that Newcomb could come in relatively early. That could hurt Joc for a pinch hitter.

Boston – JD And Mookie are going to have a huge series. Play them every day.

Philly – I hate targeting my guy Mikolas, but he just hasn’t been good this year. Rhys probably takes him deep the 2nd time around.