DFS NBA Droppin Dimes 2/21/2019

Alright, the NBA is back after a week off for the All-Star break.

*Embiid is out for tonight, so some of the Sixers should pick up some solid ownership. Boban Marjonovic should be chalk tonight and getting the most ownership at his 3.5K price on DK. He usually crushes in limited minutes and may start and see around 20 plus minutes. Next Ben Simmons is under 8K on DK and should come in with solid ownership as well.  Jimmy Butler actually gets the biggest bumps in usage and FPPM and is under 7K on DK. Tobias Harris and JJ Redick are arctually a bit cheaper and in good spots as well. I could see a good amount of lineups using 3-4 Sixers tonight.


*LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden are the 2 highest priced players on the slate and all are in play tonight. LeBron James would be my favorite of the bunch, but all are in good spots.



Colin Sexton

Playing a ton of minutes and taking shots. Gets an excellent matchup vs the Sun. He is a bit under priced on DK.

Caris LaVert

Take advantage of LaVerts Price now because he will be close to 7k soon. Puts up stats just about every night. Scores, rebounds, assists. Played over 30 minutes last game. You can attack the Blazers with wings.

Jimmy Butler

Butler actually sees the largest increase with Embiid off the floor with .3 FPPM from 1.08 to 1.38  & a 8% boost in usage.(30%)



Steph Curry

Damian Lillard

Ben Simmons

Tyler Johnson



Devin Booker

Booker is too cheap on DK and in an excellent spot.

Buddy Hield

Bogdan Bogdonovic

Under priced on DK.



Harrison Barnes

Justice Winslow

Joe Harris 

JJ Redick



Tobias Harris

Embiid is listed out which will open up a good amount of usage. I am leaning toward newly acquired Harris at only 6.6k on DK. He was taken 14 shots with Embiid on the floor. Can see him getting s few more shots off along with some additional rebounds. 

Marcus Morris

Hayward May sit and Morris could see some additional minutes. Attack Bucks with Bigs. Morris under 5k on DK.

Kyle Kuzma



Jusif Nurkic

My Favorite GPP center tonight. Nurkic is in a crush spot vs the Nets tonight. Should get over looked with Boogie and Boban.

DeMarcus Cousins

Boogie getting let loose tonight vs one of his old teams. Minutes increased and has played very well vs the Kings.

Boban Marjanovic

Embiid is out for at least a week. This should open up minutes for Boban who is averaging 1.26 FPPM and is only 3.5K on DK.


Favorite Punt Play

James Johnson


Sample lineups-DK GPP

James/Harden lineup- these guys should go at it tonight






This leaves 4.8k per player to fill 3 spots.


2nd lineup.






This leaves 5.5k for 3 spots.