This is one of the worst slates I’ve seen for pitching. No one really stands out, so we need to find a pitcher that won’t kill us……easier said than done today. 


PITCHING (I am not in love with any of these guys, so it may come to who fits with my bats)

Nola – always in play at home, where’s he’s been extremely dominant. Cubs come in hiring a bit, but still a plus matchup for Nola. (Risk factor 4)

Desclafani – Nothing special with him, but he has thrown 3 compete games in his last 5 starts. He also had a .262 ERA with 27 k’s in August. (Risk factor 5) 

Weaver – Spot start for him, which I think he takes and runs with. Tough on paper, but St. Louis needs to keep pace with Chicago in the Central. He may only go 5 because he gets in trouble with his pitch count, but I think he’ll be fine. (Risk factor 5)

Johnson – He’s so cheap, and the White Sox lineup isn’t very scary. He does pitch a bit better on the road with a 3.06 ERA and has only given up 4 home runs. (Risk factor 4) 



Milwaukee – Love the top of this lineup (Granderson, Shaw, Yelly, Moose) 

Philly – Ramos isn’t behind the plate today, so I’m going to downgrade them a bit. I do love Quinn at the top…..and remember, we don’t play Rhys against a lefty at home. 

Washington – I want the speed guys here today – Eaton, Trea and Difo. But, you can throw in Soto as well. 

Boston – No Benni today, so Xman drops into the 2 hole which I love. I do really like the wrap around with JBJ, Mookie and X. 

KC – They’re hot, and Hess really isn’t that good. Top 4 bats are my favorite. (Bump them to 2nd favorite stack behind Milwaukee) 


Mini stacks

NYY – Torres, Andujar, Cutch


Core 4