Dr. Roto

Get familiar with the heart and soul of FullTimeFantasy and FulltimeDFS, the one and only Dr. Roto!

Dr. Roto (NFL, PGA, MLB) hosted the first ever DFS dedicated radio program on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. He was the winner of the inaugural “Fantasy Experts MLB DFS Challenge,” beating 15 other notable players in a bracket-style format. Known for his visionary plays, Doc’s “Chisen-call” is still widely regarded as the greatest one-day prediction ever given out on the radio. Doc specializes in “$4 and a Dream” GPP plays and considers NFL, PGA, and MLB to be his strongest DFS sports.

Dr. Roto is the heart & soul of FullTimeFantasy. The winner of the FSWA 2011 Newcomer of the Year Award, he first participated in Fantasy leagues back in 1990 and was the subject of a UPN newscast for guiding numerous Fantasy Sports participants to league titles. He began writing in the Fantasy industry with the blogs “Around the Horn Baseball” and “Xpoint Football.” Dr. Roto worked for RotoExperts as a senior Fantasy Sports analyst for three years and is both a Fantasy Sports Writer & On Air Personality who can be heard daily on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. He also hosts a Fantasy Football Gameday show on 99.3 ESPN in Florida, and is a regular guest on the Matt Thomas show on Sports Talk 790 in Houston and on ESPN 1420 Honolulu with Bobby Curran. Dr. Roto has won numerous high stakes Fantasy Football Championships and recently came in 2nd place overall in the 2017 Online Championship.

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