The Fuego Pit – NBA GPP Plays Tuesday 10/17

Oct 2, 2017; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward (20) shoots past Charlotte Hornets forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (14) during the first half of a preseason game at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

NBA GPP Plays 10/17/17

Prices listed are Fanduel unless otherwise noted.

My NBA articles will mostly focus on Fanduel lineup construction since besides center, you need to play two at each position. The players recommended are usually still good plays on DraftKings unless the pricing is drastically different. Also, many players on DraftKings have dual position eligibility or may be listed at a different position. I will try to mention if there is a specific good play on DK based on price or position eligibility.


Today we have only two games on the slate. I usually love the two game mini slates, but not a super fan of two on the main slate. Make sure you enter single entry and 3 max contests. If entering the low dollar GPPs with 150 max entries, I suggest you do multiple lineups. Draftkings does offer the $3 20 max tournament which I like. Almost everyone is in play on a two-game slate, especially if doing multiple lineups. Though I don’t suggest going too heavy tonight. The odds of a tie tonight are much greater than a larger slate which hurts your overall ROI.


Point Guard

Kyrie Irving – Irving is my favorite of the high-priced point guards. If you like narratives, he has something to prove to Lebron and the rest of the Cavs.

Derrick Rose – If playing Irving at one point guard spot and want a lower priced option as your second, Rose is the one I like. If you want to play Steph Curry at PG, you could pair him with Marcus Smart.

I also like pairing Curry and Irving if you want to pay up for both point guards.

Shooting Guard

Klay Thompson – He has the highest upside at shooting guard outside of James Harden. I prefer to pay down for shooting guard when I can. However, being only a two-game slate with limited options, he is my favorite play at the position.

Jaylen Brown – Brown should be starting at the two guard tonight for the Celtics. We saw his potential in a few games last season. He is only $3700 on Fanduel and a way to get some of the studs in your lineup.

I think I am fading James Harden in my main lineup tonight. I kind of want to see how he and Chris Paul interact. I think it will hurt some of Harden’s overall fantasy production. I am liking the lineups I make without him more than the ones with him. He is certainly in play though and will have in some of my other lineups.

Small Forward

Lebron James – At the time of this article, James is listed as a game time decision. I think he plays and plays well. This is a perfect example of having a backup plan. If you put him in your lineup, pay close attention to the news. If he is a no go, make sure you have a backup plan in place.

Kevin Durant – Durant is always in play, I find myself debating between him and Lebron in my main lineups.

Gordon Hayward – Hayward should benefit from a new style offense leaving the Utah Jazz. He doesn’t have quite the ceiling of James or Durant, but has a good price of $7600.

Jayson Tatum – A low priced option to help get more superstars in your lineup. He too should be starting for the Celtics tonight. Small forward is one of the deeper positions today and there are several ways you can construct your roster. I don’t even mind pairing Tatum and Hayward.

Power Forward

Kevin Love – I am looking forward to seeing Love as the second option on the Cavaliers. He took a back seat to James and Irving last year and still produced at a high level. With Irving gone, his numbers in all categories should go up.

Jay Crowder – If this was a larger main slate, I wouldn’t consider playing Crowder and Love on the same lineup. However, two game slates you sometimes must break the general rules for roster construction. Power forward is one of the weaker positions on the slate so I am fine using the two of them together.


Clint Capela – Most of my lineups have Capela at center as he is $1200 less than Al Horford. The Rockets seem committed to letting Capela really take the reins at the center position. Last year, he and Nene would start at different times and would split minutes a lot. If Capela gets most of the minutes, he should benefit from Paul joining the team.

Al Horford – If you have the money left to get to Horford he would be my second option at the position.

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