DFS NBA Quick Hits 2/14

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

3 game slate right before the All-Star break, which starts tomorrow night and goes until next Thursday.



Hawks/Knicks- pace up spot for the Knicks putting DSJ , Knox, Allen and Robinson in play. My favorite are Dotson and Trier for value. Hawks- Young, Prince and Collins.


Pelicans/Thunder- small pace bump got Pelicans. Davis is a season low at only 9k on DK, but he has not played much or well at all. Holiday, Frazier my favorite from the Pelicans. Thunder-George is a lock for me. Westbrook and Adams solid plays and Felton and Burton solid value plays.


Hornets/Magic- small pace bump for Magic. Vucevic or Gordon(better matchup). Fournier & Issac. Hornets- Zeller in play and Batum. Walker worth a  look as well, but Knicks guards give a bit better value.