MLB DFS Data Sheets 6/11

Here is the link to the Data Dashboard. Stats: Team vs handiness of pitcher. Pitcher Breakdown, Batter vs handiness of pitcher with ballpark. BvP, Pitcher last 30 days and Batter last 7 days. Utilize these tools to help with research.


Pitching Matchups- some of the top options and a few mid/low.

Aaron Nola vs Rockies


Miles Mikalos vs Padres.


Mike Foltynewicz vs Mets


Lance McCullers vs As


Jon Gray vs Phillies. My favorite arm for price and upside. Phillies have been cold and strike out at a 27% clip vs RHP. Also, Gray may have not put up solid performances, but his overall stats show he should be pitching better. Looking at 7 IP, 7-9Ks, 2 ERs and QS.


Chris Stratton vs Marlins.


Bats- Also utilize the Batters on the Stats website I linked above to find other hitters you like.

Red Sox vs Hess. Going right back to the well here. Betts, JD Martinez, Devers heating up, Moreland and Benintendi. JbJ also a nice play. Hess struggles vs LHHs.