KBO – Sun Jul 5th

Sunday’s slate begins at 4:00 AM EST and all five games should play without any rain PPD issues.


Tier ($)
Position Top Tier Mid Tier Low Tier 
SP1 Chan Heon Jung (LG)
SP2 Mike Wright (NCD) Hui Kwan Yu (DOO) Seung Ho Lee (KIW)
C Dong Won Park (KIW) Sung Woo Jang (KTW)
1B Jose Fernandez (DOO) Jae Il Oh (DOO) Tae In Chae (SK)
2B Keon Chang Seo (KIW)
3B Jeong Choi (SK) Dong Hee Han (LOT)
SS Ha Seong Kim (KIW) Dixon Machado (LOT) Sung Hyun Kim (SK)
OF Aaron Altherr (NCD)

Preston Tucker (KIA)

Jamie Romak (SK)

Jung Hoo Lee (KIW)

Han Joon Yoo (KTW)

Eun Sung Chae (LG)

Jun Hyeok Oh (SK)



Chan Heong Jung  is the lock button arm today for the Twins.  Play him with confidence against Samsung.  He’s been lights out this year striking out over 23% of his opponents and is holding opponents to a .218 average with great performances over his last 4 starts.  SP2 is where we can make a little executive decision and avoid the heavily favored and overpriced Mike Wright for a nice cheap option in Seung Ho Lee from Kiwoom.

  • Combo 1 – Chan Heong Jung / Seung Ho Lee
  • Combo 2 – Chan Heong Jung / Hui Kwan Yu



The Dinos and Heroes are the top stacks to look at today but do not overlook the SK Wyverns.  Jamie Romak has been playing well of late and Jeong Choi is always a solid play who should be closer to $6,000.  They’re the core for the Wyverns.

  • NC Dinos:  Hee Dong Kwon, Sung Bum Na, Aaron Altherr
  • Kiwoom Heroes:  Keon Chang Seo, Ha Seong Kim, Jung Hoo Lee, ByungHo Park
  • SK Wyverns:  Ji Hoon Choi, Jeong Choi, Jamie Romak, Joon Woo Choi


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