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UPDATE:  DraftKings removed the Hanwha game from the slate.  Utter disaster.  I won’t be playing KBO today.

The Doosan Bears and Hanwha Eagles game on Saturday morning was suspended after the third inning due to rain.  They are going to be continuing this game at 1:00 AM EST on Sunday morning and then playing their regularly scheduled game at 4:00 AM EST.  All other games are slated to begin at that same time so we have a 4:00 AM slate (which is the WORST!) but all five games going at the same time and most likely with ZERO rain issues.

There is some heavy wind however in the Tigers/Wyverns game that could boost offense for lefties slightly.



Warwick Saupold – Hanwha Eagles, $9,200

Simple law of averages on this one.  It’s essentially a Sunday double header and the Eagles are going to finally get their win today behind Saupold who always pitches deep and with it being a DH day, should be relied upon to go very deep again today.  Good chance Doosan rests some hitters in the second game too, so that upside plays in here as well.

Hyun Jong Yang – Kia Tigers, $9,800

I mentioned a little wind in this game left to right but with a lefty pitcher that should not be an issue as much and the Wyverns don’t have much power on the left side anyways.  So unless Jeong Choi or Jamie Romak wanna take Yang oppo-taco, he should not be bothered there.  Only Jamie Romak is the scare for me in the Wyverns lineup, so Yang lets take the near 20% strikeout Yang and move on.

Casey Kelly – LG Twins, $8,900

Kelly and Yang are 2a and 2b for me.  I like both but Kelly faces the up and down Giants so I have him ranked a little lower because of a higher risk.



Heroes vs Dinos

Kiwoom went off on Saturday on the Dino’s and this is another terrific game, but we have to lean back to the Dino’s side somewhat.  No doubt this game gets a ton of chalk because of the Vegas odds and chasing the results from the day before.

  • Key Players:
    • Min Woo Park – OF (Dinos)
    • Byung Ho Park – 1B (Heroes)

KT Wiz – Contrarian

Tae-In Won might look good, but he’s still just in his second season and faces the Wiz for the second time this year — they were one team to do well against him.  His low K% makes me like the Wiz to do some damage.

  • Key Players:
    • Mel Rojas Jr – OF … Heating up.
    • Baek Ho Kang – 1B
    • Han Joon Yoo – OF

LG Twins – Favorite 5 MAN Stack

This is the only spot to look at a 5 man stack today in my mind, because if you go heavy on a team you don’t wanna do it on the chalky Heroes/Dinos in my mind when the Twins can easily destroy Adrian “Overated” Sampson.

  • Key Players:
    • Hyun Soo Kim – OF
    • Yong Taik Park – OF
    • Min Sun Kim – 3B



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