KBO: Dongers Club – Sat June 6th

Two games begin at 1:00 AM (afternoon games in S. Korea) while the others start at 4:00 AM.



All fine.



This is a pretty good slate for pitching on paper and it’s headlined by an ACE up top.

Chang Mo Koo – $9,300 (Dinos)

This is basically getting Gerrit Cole against the Detroit Tigers and getting him at a very affordable price.  Complete snooze job on the part of DraftKings with regards to pricing as usual.  Chang Mo Koo has posted a 28 or better in all five starts this season and now gets to face the worst team/offense in the league in an extremely good park for pitching.  Someone with his solid strikeout rate over a large sample size should be about 98% owned today with the 2% thinking they are smart/cute if he somehow pulls a muscle yawning at the lack of competition on the other side.  Yeah, it’s a day game and weird things can happen to ace pitchers in day games.  I don’t care.  He’s the play.

Jong Hoon Park – $7,400 (Wyverns)

Right back to picking on the Samsung Lions with another Wyverns pitcher.  A guy who can give us 5-6 innings, and does fairly well keeping the ball in the park while facing a weak offense.  Not much else to focus on here.

Others who I don’t hate, but don’t love:   Chris Flexen, Tyler Wilson, Chae Heung Choi



TEAM STACKS (Teams to go 4+ players from)

Giants … They have decent contact numbers and are facing a non strike-out arm.  I like this combination and will go back to this game heavy again tonight on both sides where I think we can finally get away from the Bears and Dino’s dominating a slate.  Really like Dixon Machado who has been good vs RHP and gets overlooked batting so low in the order, so he is a nice 4th player to stack here along with Son, Jeon and Lee.  The Lotte Giants haven’t been tearing it up but the KT Wiz do possess the worst bullpen in the league.  They’ll break through.

Twins … In theory this is the chalk spot today.  But it’s a little mixed going up against a LHP.  None the less, it’s a Eun Sung Chae day if he does start but he was banged up last night.  Don’t ignore the lefties in this lineup (Ramos/Kim)



Wyverns … Like them vs a LHP.  Jamie Romak/Jeong Choi heart of the order combination.  Romak is a nice higher $ pivot play today who comes in usually around 10% owned.




Two really good options here today but if Kang Nam is starting I’ll pay down for him.

  1. Kang Nam Yoo – LG
  2. Eui Ji Yang – NCD


  1. Roberto Ramos – LG … Has done fine LvL
  2. Jae Hwan Kim – DOO


  1. Chi Hong An – LOT … It feels like chasing off a HR yesterday but really he’s in a good spot, too cheap as well.
  2. Jose Fernandez – DOO


  1. Jeong Choi – SK … He and Hwang are the only two 3B doing anything right now.  It’s here or punt.


  1. Dixon Machado – LOT
  2. Hye Sung Kim – KIW


  1. Jun Woo Jeon – Giants … Has over .200 ISO this year vs RHP
  2. Jamie Romak – Wyverns
  3. Mel Rojas Jr – Wiz
  4. Hyun Soo Kim – Twins


  1. Ah Seop Son – Giants
  2. Eun Sung Chae – Twins … Questionable, start at own risk.  4PM Start time, so unless you are up, I’d be very cautious.  Value is great though if he is in



Dixon Machado – Lotte Giants




  • Lock in a single 4 to 5 man stack with atleast 2 good value players from it (meaning sub 3600 or so)  — Examples above
  • Make sure you get one of the 5k+ studs who is always raking and chalky — Romak/Rojas/Yang/J.Fernandez top options today
  • Your ownership pivot is either one of these three things daily
    • Pivoting onto a lower owned STACK — Giants, Wyverns
    • Leverage against the chalky SP — Use Chad Bell or Hanwha (seems stupid, but, fits the criteria)
    • A lower owned/high upside SP2 — Jong Hoon Park


Good luck!

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