CFL Week 4 Recap

CFL Week 4 Rewind

We are 4 weeks into the season and are finally starting to see teams find their true identity. Personally, after a successful week 2 and week 3, this most recent week went poorly and I’ll cover what worked what didn’t work and what we should look out for moving forward. Here is the optimal lineup for week 4 in the CFL.



Here is the link to my Week 4 article:


Week 4 Player Pool (Giving a variety of options to help with your build)


QB- Masoli (28.44), Reilly (16.48), Fajardo (9.46), Davis (7.56)

RB- STE (0), JWJ (23.90), Powell (6.70), JW4 (29.60), Williams (9),Carey (16.80)

WR1(8k+)- Banks (15.75), Burnham (DNP), Rogers (13.60)

WR2(6k to 7.9k)- Tasker (11.80),Carter (4.70), Whitehead (3), Harris (14.70), Cunningham (8.70), Durant (30.50), Ambles (5.60)

WR3 (Sub 6k)- S. Johnson (6.30), Rhymes (11.80), Noel (12.80), Tucker (11.70), Lankford (6.50), Cannon (DNP), Cottoy (7.40)

D/ST- Hamilton (0), SSK (2), WPG (13)



Overall Review of the Week 4 Slate:

Wow, was this week an ugly one! In the gif above, that is a line I used and it had the likes of STE, Fajardo,  Whitehead, Madu and Hamilton D. It was a rough week altogether and it all started with the Hamilton game on Thursday. STE was knocked out of the game early with a knee injury and he did not return. That hurt a good chunk of lines throughout all contests since he was so highly owned. Masoli had a solid game but it was frustrating since the value guys like Acklin and Tucker were the guys to want instead of Banks and Tasker. Anthony Coombs stepped in as a nice replacement for STE and he will definitely be viable moving forward in this offence. Montreal moved the ball efficiently and I definitely think it benefited them facing the same defence for the 2nd straight week. William Stanback had himself a monster game should now be viewed as one of the better complete running backs in the league. Stanback did most of the offensive work so none of the Montreal WR really stood out.

​Winnipeg just keeps chugging along as one of the most complete teams in the league and they did a good job containing a Redblacks team that moved the ball pretty efficiently in its first 2 games. Andrew Harris had a solid game, only rushing for 80 yards and if anything, was vultured by 2 Streveler rushing TDs on the goal line. Luckily, he is still involved in the passing game recording 6 catches for 50 yards. Nic Demski had another big performance, catching an 82 yard pass and finishing with 105 yards receiving and a TD. Lucky was not as lucky this week and it seems as if he might be a gpp play only moving forward. Ottawa struggled to get any momentum going on the ground which then just made them one dimensional on offence. RJ Harris is the guy in this passing offence and he is someone that gets hiss opportunities each week. Rhymes and Holley are coming into their own as well so I feel comfortable using them if the price is right.

John White is starting to emerge in this Lions offence and the commitment to the run is only going to help them as the season progresses. White finished with 138 rushing yards while adding in 4 catches for 28 yards so he is showing to be a huge part of this offence. Lemar Durant stepped up in a big way, going for 9 catches, 125 yards and a TD. Burnham was announced out for this game so the Lions really needed someone to step up in his place. Duron Carter was relatively quiet all game long which if anything, this should have been a breakout game for him with no Burnham. MBT got the start for Montreal and he didn’t do as bad as anticipated. He threw for over 300 yards, completed 75% of his passes and had 1 TD and 1 INT. Armanti Edwards continue to shine as a big play receiver for Toronto while Llevi Noel continues to get fed targets, targets that we thought would go to Walker and Green. James Wilder Jr. didn’t do much on the ground but was heavily involved in the passing game which is what we like to see from JWJ.

The biggest head scratching game was Calgary and Saskatchewan. SSK has looked so good offensively since Fajardo took over and Calgary came into this game limping with injuries on both sides of the ball so it makes sense to think SSK would win right??? Well, that definitely was not the case! Nick Arbuckle had an efficient Bo Levi-esque game, throwing for 250 yards and 2 TDs. Carey saw a good bulk of touches in place of the injured Don Jackson and he will be the guy moving forward until Jackson returns. Reggine Begelton finally popped off for a big game but a good chunk of his yardage came on a 6 yard pass play. Outside of that, the Stamps did not have a huge game from any of their receivers like the week before. SSK struggled to get things going and the offence stalled several times. Fajardo threw 2 INTs and as the game got out of hand, he was pulled and Isaac Harker got some playing time. Shaq Evans was pulled from the game due to an injury so stifled the Roughriders passing attack. William Powell struggled to get anything going and it has me wondering how much we should use him moving forward.


Review of my Main Plays/ Player Pool for Week 4:

QB: Masoli ended up being the highest scoring QB but he was nowhere near as productive as he was last week. Reilly was projected to score a lot more and if anything, was underwhelming for the matchup that he was in. Fajardo was the biggest disappointment, especially after the huge games that he just recently put up and for the injury depleted Calgary team that he was facing. Davis just couldn’t get anything going and the Redblacks struggled to find a balance on offence, which then just made them one dimensional.


RB: The injury to STE really set the tone for the week. Stanback went off and STE went home with an injury. White and Wilder both were involved in the passing games which one again, is a key component to look for when selecting your DFS RB position. The CGY tandem turned out to be great value and hopefully we can get them at reasonable prices for next week’s slate. Powell was the biggest dud of the group and it doesn’t seem like this balanced SSK offence is benefiting him at all.


WR: This was the week that we all feared……The 10K Banks quiet game. If you faded STE and Banks, I am sure your lines were in good shape for the rest of the weekend. If anything, the middle tiered receivers seemed to really stand out. Guys like Durant, Harris and Demski are showing to be vital options in the passing game so make sure to look their way moving forward. Lucky and Carter were two guys that let me down big time and are only to be looked at as GPP options moving forward.


Defence: Hamilton faced the same team in back to back weeks so this should have been an easy plug and play but unfortunately, they could not stop Stanback. SSK got lit up by Calgary and they could not keep their defence off of the field. Winnipeg did a good job containing Ottawa altogether and for their price, they seemed to be the best value of the weekend.


What we learned from Week 4:

Chris Streveler is a fantasy monster when he comes in for Nichols
RJ Harris is the one constant in this Ottawa offence
SSK still can’t beat CGY
Stanback should be 7.5k moving forward
Picking a WR for WPG to go off is like picking the winning lottery ticket, you have to be lucky with your selection
Durant is a target machine for Reilly
Noel is quietly consistent for Toronto
Keep playing JW4


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