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I personally prefer the larger slates, specifically Friday, but there are some who have mentioned that they really struggle when it gets to a big full slate.  Tonight there are 14 games as the Giants/Padres game is early and not on the main slate today.  I figured I would do a morning thoughts preview on the slate, but actually only look at six games — the ones that involve teams who did NOT play on Monday.


So lets do a little lineup building exercise.   

Lets build a lineup out of only the games w/ teams that didn’t play last night.    Then, during your research today, build a lineup using ONLY the games that have teams who played last night where you can use a little game theory to project who plays well or how teams are gonna play in a certain ballpark, etc.   Then compare the two lineups and see position for position how you feel about the two and if you like one over the other, roll with it……



There is some weather concern in Pittsburgh with this game which could help wipe it off the list and reduce it from consideration.  The first thing that jumps out here is Anthony Rizzo in PNC Park.  He historically loves hitting here and the Cubs as a whole have hit well in Pittsburgh.  However, the Pirates are really pitching well of late as a team and Jameson Taillon seems to have trusted his talents more of late.  Overall I think this game is one that we dont have to worry about forcing in players from as I’m trusting the way JT is pitching and although I hate Lester there’s not enough for me to wanna use Pirates bats in this game.

SP:   None (Rain)

Hitters:   Rizzo, Marte



The Mets are certainly walking dead men right now but as we saw on Sunday, just because they have a horrible lineup doesn’t mean they’re an automatic strikeout upside team.  And Tanner Roark coming off his dominant game against Milwaukee and now facing a divisional opponent smells like a disaster waiting to happen.  The Nationals are also a very fragile mental team, if they do NOTHING at the trade deadline we could see them buckle up and take off offensively, but if they sell then I’m fading all their hitters against Steven Matz.   Good weather it looks like for hitting though.

SP:   None

Hitters:   Nats if they dont sell at the deadline



Baltimore will cool off going into New York but Trumbo loves hitting in Yankee stadium and as does Jones if he is still on the team.  Tanaka will be a popular pick here but I feel he could get pulled at first sign of trouble in the 6th with the Yankees loaded bullpen.   Can we pick on Yefry Ramirez?  Personally, I don’t like using the Yankees ever in DFS this year.  They’re too expensive and just dont “go off” as much as last year.  Likely a game I want to fade and I won’t bother worrying about one of the Yanks hitting 2 bombs

SP:   None

Hitters:   Didi, Gardner



Neither offense is what I would consider “Above Average” and folks might try to pick on Homer Bailey because he is Homer Bailey, but these are two arms I actually wont wanna pick on tonight unless the other options are really thin.  Matt Boyd at home against the Reds could be a great DK arm tonight as I DO TRUST his home/away splits unlike others out there.

This should be a good series for offense after tonight as we see that in interleague series more often, but not tonight.

SP:  Boyd

Hitters:    Goodrum, Castellanos



Not a great park shift for the Angels, but then again their best and most likely used player is Michael Fricken Trout.  So who cares what the park is….  Skaggs vs Stanek (not sure who is the second arm for the Rays yet) and Skaggs will be a VERY popular play even on the main slate in my mind.  He would be a lock if this slate was only for the teams who didn’t play on Monday.  The Rays vs a LHP are not as dangerous IMO even though this is a CJ Cron revenge game.

SP:   Skaggs

Hitters:    Trout



Normally I like offense when these teams meet in Chicago, but Danny Duffy should pitch well here tonight.  I can’t say the same for James Shields however.  Salvy is really heating up, Duda has hit Shields well and Whit should be able to run if he gets on base.  Like the Royals tonight even though the weather is not fantastic for late July.

SP:   Duffy (DK)

Hitters:   Salvy, Whit, Duda


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