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Learn about the cash-winning experts who make up the next generation Daily Fantasy Sports at FullTime DFS!

Stephen Renner (MLB, NFL, NHL) has been playing fantasy sports for decades and more recently transitioned into DFS with a primary focus on MLB, NFL and NHL sports. Renner brought his “DongersClub” MLB write-ups to the FullTime Fantasy message boards in the Spring of 2016 and promptly became a Scout sensation with his unique and to the point write-ups which included predicting nine unique players to hit a home run. His legendary Sunday in June of 2016 where all nine players went yard was just one of many MLB 1K + wins that he has under his belt. Steve’s secondary sports are NFL and NHL where he is mostly a cash game player but has had top 10 finishes in higher dollar tournaments each of the past few seasons.

Steve Hillman (NFL, NBA, MLB), known throughout the DFS industry as FuegoSteve, has been playing fantasy sports for over 30 years. However, after focusing his play on just the daily game, he has stormed onto the DFS scene over the past two years. He has quickly risen up the rankings and is now considered one of the best players in the industry for MLB, NBA, and NFL. Fuego has won numerous GPPs the past year including qualifying for the 2017 FanDuel NBA Championships. Finishing 43rd, he defeated half the field, including many well-known professionals and experts across the DFS industry. Focusing mainly on tournament play, Fuego specializes in single and multi-entry GPPs, qualifiers, game theory, small slates, roster construction, and has a knack for projecting ownership percentages.

Chris Rose (MLB, NFL) has been playing Fantasy Sports for 10 years and Daily Fantasy for about 3 years. A former Division 1 football player at Central Connecticut where he won 2 conference champions, Rose clearly knows sports better than most. A current military helicopter electrician down in South Florida, he enjoys life with his wife, who has owned a gym for six years, and two sons (5) and (2). Rose has coached high school football and baseball, also currently coaching his 5 year-old’s T-ball team. He qualified for a seat in the FanDuel WFBC final in San Diego this year and has won $35K thus far this year. Last year, he won over $70K! Rose plays high stakes games, and predominantly GPPs about 98% of the time. His analysis is transparent, and does as much digging into little tidbits of statistics to find that one GPP winning play. Follow Chris on Twitter at @Chris_r12DFS for his unique Fantasy Sports insight!

FantasyBum73 (MLB, NBA) provides data driven DFS plays day-in and day-out to help you make some serious cash on DraftKings and FanDuel! Check out an example of one of his MLB DFS articles and be sure to follow Steve aka FatasyBum73 on Twitter!

Shawn Childs (MLB, NFL) has been a high stakes Fantasy baseball and football player since 2004 where he had success in his first season (three titles and $25,000 in winnings). In early years of the high stakes market in Fantasy baseball, he was ahead of the curve in player evaluation, draft value, and free agent bidding setting up four top-five finishes in the National Fantasy Baseball Championship. He has four AL-only Auction titles, one NL-only title, and five Main Event titles plus an overall title in 2012 at RTFBC (netted $10,000). This success led to an induction into the NFBC Baseball Hall of Fame. His success in the high stakes market led to a career in providing Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football content. On the football side, he’s competed and won in all different formats – auctions, draft championship, main events, and high-dollar leagues. He won 2nd place overall in the 2014 Most Accurate Salary Cap Expert contest at FantasyPros.

As a dual-sport player, it was natural to transition to the daily games where he is a “swing for the fences type of guy.” Childs has appeared in one FanDuel NFL Live Final and one DraftKings NFL Live Final, a season-ending tournament which led to a couple of chances to win over $1,000,000. His best day in DFS came in the summer of 2016 when a wild ride netted $70,000 and a chance to participate in the finals of the FanDuel MLB Live Championship where the winner would take home $250,000. Childs believes that Fantasy sports are a great outlet in life where a person’s passion can turn into a big win. As much as he’s won in Fantasy sports, Childs has also lost many battles. The down days are what motivates him to be a better player and help others find the potential pitfalls in Fantasy Sports. Childs provides weekly quarterback, running back, wide receiver and tight end reports that are one of the many perks of the NFL DFS package. You won’t find reports more in-depth than those written by Childs. In baseball, he is one of the few writers in the country to tackle the whole player pool. This gives a Fantasy owner a consistent view throughout the inventory each season.

Follow Shawn on Twitter at @Shawn__Childs.

Dr. Roto (NFL, PGA, MLB) hosted the first ever DFS dedicated radio program on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. He was the winner of the inaugural “Fantasy Experts MLB DFS Challenge,” beating 15 other notable players in a bracket-style format. Known for his visionary plays, Doc’s “Chisen-call” is still widely regarded as the greatest one-day prediction ever given out on the radio. Doc specializes in “$4 and a Dream” GPP plays and considers NFL, PGA, and MLB to be his strongest DFS sports.

Dr. Roto is the heart & soul of FullTime Fantasy Sports. The winner of the FSWA 2011 Newcomer of the Year Award, he first participated in Fantasy leagues back in 1990 and was the subject of a UPN newscast for guiding numerous Fantasy Sports participants to league titles. He began writing in the Fantasy industry with the blogs “Around the Horn Baseball” and “Xpoint Football.” Dr. Roto worked for RotoExperts as a senior Fantasy Sports analyst for three years and is both a Fantasy Sports Writer & On Air Personality who can be heard daily on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio. He also hosts a Fantasy Football Gameday show on 99.3 ESPN in Florida, and is a regular guest on the Matt Thomas show on Sports Talk 790 in Houston and on ESPN 1420 Honolulu with Bobby Curran. Dr. Roto has won numerous high stakes Fantasy Football Championships and recently came in 2nd place overall in the 2017 Online Championship.

Follow Dr. Roto on Twitter and get your questions answered every day on our Forums.

Adam Ronis (NFL, MLB, NBA) has been playing DFS for several years and talks about his plays on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio. He plays MLB, NBA, and NFL. In the inaugural Tout Wars DFS Baseball Challenge in 2016, Adam took second place for a four-figure payout. He tends to focus on cash games but will enter tournaments.

Ronis has been on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio on the morning drive since the inception of the station in 2010. Adam started writing content for Newsday with a weekly Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football column. He was a Fantasy Sports Analyst and writer for RotoExperts and FNTSY for eight years before coming to FullTime Fantasy Sports in November 2016. Adam was the co-founder and Director of Content for DraftValet, a company that hosted drafts and developed a Fantasy Sports advice app.

Adam has fared well in various Fantasy Sports. He won the Tout Wars mixed league in his second year in the league back in 2015 and repeated the following season. He has won multiple Sirius XM hosts leagues in baseball, football and basketball and has fared well in high stakes leagues.

Adam has been published in Newsday, the New York Post, Daily News, Yahoo Sports,, and the Associated Press. You can read Adam’s articles daily at FullTime Fantasy Sports and listen to him on on The FullTime Fantasy Sports Show hosted on FNTSY Sports Radio Network from 7 – 8 PM ET. He also co-hosts with Lisa Ann Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET on “Lisa Ann Does Fantasy.” Follow Adam on Twitter at @AdamRonis.

Nate Weitzer (NBA, MLB, NFL) is a successful DFS player with numerous tournament wins in NBA and NFL contests. He’s been writing about DFS for several years, specializing in NBA advice while continuing to build his bankroll on several sites. He is also a season-long king and has won several leagues over the years.

Weitzer is a sports journalist with a Masters from Boston University’s College of Communication. When he’s not playing DFS, Weitzer is often covering high school sports in the greater Boston area for outlets such as The Boston Globe or playing basketball himself. Follow Nate on Twitter @Nweitzer7.

Casey Olson (MMA) has played in fantasy football and baseball leagues since the late 90’s. Then came mixed martial arts. With the continuing rise of popularity with the sport, he can say he’s been a fan since UFC 1. As the sport grew to what it is today, he began posting very successful predictions merely as a hobby. Along with picking winners, Casey began playing on smaller MMA DFS sites before DraftKings began offering the sport. He won large tournaments, and folks on social media quickly took notice. With the growth of players and the tournaments getting bigger and bigger, Casey looks forward to being a part of the FullTime Fantasy team and providing MMA data and input. He also participates in MLB and NFL DFS contests and finished 8th in the 2015 NFL Super Contest in Las Vegas.

Brian Polking (NASCAR) grew up in a racing family, and spent his childhood at dirt tracks throughout Ohio and Kentucky. NASCAR became his passion at an early age and he has been following the sport ever since. While Brian earned his degree in journalism at Ohio State University, he started writing about NASCAR for several sites in 2005. He became head editor of the NASCAR section for and in 2008 and was a finalist for the Fantasy Sports Writer’s Association NASCAR Writer of the Year in 2009. His knowledge of NASCAR stems from his lifelong love of the sport. You can follow Brian on Twitter @BPolking.

Ryan Baroff (PGA) has been playing fantasy sports since 2005, focusing on season-long NFL and PGA. After graduating with an MBA from the University of Miami, he was introduced to DFS in 2013, and has been playing and learning every sport since. Although PGA is his best sport, Ryan boosted his bankroll in 2014 by taking down numerous NBA GPPs on DraftKings (thanks to a late swap). His PGA articles over the past year have been featured on DailyOverlay, RotoCurve, and of course at FullTime Fantasy and FullTime DFS. Ryan is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, but now resides in South Florida with his wife and son. Follow Ryan on Twitter @RBaroff427.