MLB DFS: Rob Geriak’s Daily Diamond – 4/28

Rob Geriak outlines all of the action in mlb dfs today

Let’s do this a little different, just today. Instead of loading you guys with stats/data and a bunch of acronyms let’s keep it light, simple, and straightforward. Sound good? I thought so. Don’t worry, We’ll get back to the normal […]

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Rob Geriak (MLB, NHL) has been playing fantasy sports for over 10 years shifting his focus over to DFS a few years back. Geriak started out posting daily thoughts and analysis in the FullTime Fantasy message boards and has contributed across the industry in many different areas providing top-notch content including on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio. Geriak presents his content in a simplified, straight to the point form with a mix of advanced and common data assisting all fantasy sports players from the casual, novice player to the avid, experienced player. You can follow Rob on Twitter @TheRobGeriak