FullTime Fantasy MMA bobble head contest Winner!

Congrats to Zach Dunn aka Zdiddy on winning the FullTime Fantasy MMA bobble head contest!


The big question Zach..

Which bobblehead are you going with and why?

Hendo all day! I met him back in 97 at a wrestling camp and followed his career throughout. One of the ATG’s.


What was your strategy in the build of your lineup? 

Look for a few early finishes and then pad with dogs you think can at least  get to a decision and still earn points.


How long have you been playing MMA DFS? 

Around 4yrs. Started on Kounter Move at first and then moved to DK. Stopped for a few years and now have dedicated time to it again.


Favorite fighter(s) of all time?

BJ Penn. When he was on and in his prime no one was more enjoyable to watch.


Now we have a lot of players that are new to MMA DFS, and are just getting into it.  Any tips, tricks you’d share with the #ScoutArmy? 

Look for finishers first. They will accrue your most points. Preferably try to find four solid picks and then fill out with dogs you think have a chance. Pay attention to the weight classes when making your decisions. They influence the finish rate.


How are you liking the MMA content so far up on Scout?

Love it! Casey kills it with a solid thoughtful write-up filled with great info to get you thinking. I will be a member going forward.



Thanks Zach!  Congrats on the win, and post a a pic when you get your bobblehead!