Rose’ Playbook NFL DFS Plays – Preseason Week 1

How about that cover photo huh!!!!!!!!! SKOL!!!

So before I start with this write up let me give you guys a background in my FooZeBall career. I’m a former Quarteraback and Punter playing high school in South Florida, then taking my talents to the great state of Connecticut. I played FCS ball at Central Connecticut State winning 2 conference championships. Don’t believe me? Check out the pasty white legs and fresh uniform!

Anyways, for my NFL write ups, I like to break down a lot of game film. With this I tend to use more game theory, and depth to find my core plays. When I’m done with you, You guys will know what “Spider 2 Y Banana” really means. We’ll break down coverages, mismatches, skill position packages, etc. So with that being said, let’s get into this cluster f*ck of Preseason week 1.

It’s going to be challenging to figure out playing time this early in preseason. But, we do know the regular season starters won’t play much, if any. We want to target players that are in positions battles (Back up quarterbacks, 3rd receiver, TE, etc.) It’s tough to try and play game theory as we don’t really have an idea yet. One thing i can say about game theory, we can look to new head coaches implementing a new system and wanting to get a good look. 



Mayfield – Browns starters playing about a series or 2, so we should see quite a bit of the rookie. 

Sudfeld – Wentz out as expected and Foles is unlikely to play, so he should get extended run. 

Beathard – officially #2 Quarterback in camp. Started a few games last year and should get about a half under his belt tonight. 

Jackson – Baltimore rookie has been impressive in camp, and played well in the hall of fame game. 

Barrett – Seems like he fits this offense well for some reason. Maybe due to his lack of height. (See Tre’Quan Smith) 



Tavon Austin – after underperforming in LA, Austin is now in Dallas with something to prove. He’ll split out into the slot as well, so he should catch a few balls. 

Samuels – Pittsburgh has been moving him in all different formations, and should handle a bulk of the work tonight. 

Nick Chubb – pounder inside the tackles, and should run with Mayfield for about 2 quarters. 

Penny/Carson – this is a position battle we want to use to our advantage. Both have been raved about in camp and have to play well to solidify the #1 spot. 

Guice – Alex Smith has been talking this kid up so far in practice saying he does all the “little things”. He’s been picking up blitzes extremely well, and involved in the passing game. May not play much so be careful. 



Here’s where we need to correlate our plays with our QB’s. With teams running 3 and 4 receiver sets it’s going to be extremely difficult to pinpoint who we want to target. So, my advice is to match your quarterback up with one of his receivers and lock it. You have to remember, this early in camp we still have 9 maybe 10 receivers still practicing. Here’s 2 receivers that have stood out to me so far in camp that you can play with any quarterback you roster. 

Anthony Miller – he’s been playing in the slot for Chicago, where there’s not really a #2 receiver. The rookie should be in for a lot of 3 receiver sets, and should see a few targets. 

Tre’Quan Smith – he’s been working with Barrett, and recently in practice and impressively took a screen 70 yards  to the house. Will make Barrett look better than he is. 



Pruitt – He’s an athletic tight end that is pretty good with the ball in his hands. Fighting for the backup job behind Ryan Griffin. 

Hurst – he looked good in the hall of fame game, and looks as if he has a connection with Jackson. 



Well considering they’re all the same price on FanDuel makes this pretty simple…….just guess. Noooooo, I’m just kidding.

Packers – upgraded their secondary with rookie Jaire Alexander. Will see a mix of Blaine Gabbert or Luke Falk (pick 6 incoming)

Carolina – expect to see a good amount of Josh Allen.