This is a list of helpful pages to use in your MLB DFS research…



FangraphsFangraphs is the spot to use for pulling historical information on all MLB players.  Use fangraphs to help build out your own player dashboards and understand player splits and profiles better.
Baseball SavantBaseball Savant is the home for Statcast related information.
Baseball ReferenceHistorical information on pretty much every MLB player who has ever played.  Has good splits information showing player history in certain unique situations like Ballpark Splits, Day/Night, Catcher splits, etc…
MLB Weather
Daily BvP History & MatchupsThis is the only spot you should be using for looking up a batters history against a certain pitcher.  It shows the statcast data going back to 2015 based on match-ups which can help with showing true expected value of each at bat for the hitters.



Lineup Construction ProcessHow to choose the right contests for MLB DFS