MLB Bullpen Report

Bullpen RAW stats over last 30 days (source:  Fangraphs)

1Indians25787070.18.962.942.18.29463.5 %40.3 %20.5 %6.405.364.14-0.7
2Cardinals56690089. %41.7 %15.2 %6.074.694.31-0.3
3Blue Jays36495094.08.523.731.72.30767.1 %34.5 %14.3 %5.555.164.85-0.5
4Rockies210687093.08.523.771.45.33666.4 %41.0 %16.0 %5.524.794.33-0.4
5Mets312681096.18.974.301.21.35068.4 %38.1 %12.1 %5.334.364.41-0.2
6Marlins46686095.16.334.341.23.28865.0 %44.8 %12.5 %5.294.954.95-0.7
7Phillies23575074. %45.2 %18.3 %4.964.163.440.6
8Pirates65581087.18.973.811.34.30872.7 %41.7 %14.4 %4.644.484.23-0.4
9Royals54776098.18.513.291.56.28472.0 %45.1 %18.3 %4.584.583.870.0
10Orioles03768073.26.965.990.61.31976.6 %41.4 %6.3 %4.284.595.480.5
11Braves64785093.09.192.811.35.28874.2 %41.5 %16.3 %
12Tigers849970104.07.883.720.95.28875.0 %41.7 %11.3 %3.724.144.280.5
13Giants534940103.29.382.860.69.29570.0 %42.0 %8.5 %3.653.063.531.5
14Angels56883087.09.313.620.83.31875.6 %42.1 %8.9 %3.623.544.021.0
15Reds528890111.17.113.880.89.29277.0 %47.0 %10.8 %3.564.154.360.3
16Rays759860146.17.872.831.05.25872.2 %47.6 %11.1 %3.513.894.070.9
17Dodgers76101100113.08.443.030.64.29272.9 %45.1 %7.3 %3.423.394.041.1
18Padres7410760100.18.252.781.17.28582.3 %40.7 %13.0 %
19Athletics551082097. %40.9 %9.9 %2.953.834.180.6
20White Sox44890092. %47.3 %11.9 %2.913.623.691.0
21Nationals521179074.19.201.820.73.28178.5 %35.0 %6.9 %2.782.913.761.7
22Diamondbacks24379077.27.532.551.51.26892.1 %48.6 %16.5 %2.784.453.93-0.2
23Twins57892098. %42.7 %13.0 %2.753.893.830.6
24Astros43783080. %40.3 %13.2 %2.702.872.791.3
25Mariners761088083.210.002.690.11.32270.7 %42.0 %1.5 %2.582.143.313.0
26Brewers72583092.210.493.790.97.27786.6 %46.7 %14.1 %2.533.473.311.1
27Rangers73778091.07.222.470.79.26278.3 %44.4 %8.7 %2.473.634.130.7
28Cubs621097099.19.794.620.45.24980.9 %45.3 %6.4 %2.453.153.771.2
29Yankees61868076.210.924.340.70.23480.2 %36.3 %7.5 %2.353.263.931.3
30Red Sox311176089. %47.4 %9.8 %1.923.353.681.0


Data above is sorted by ERA — still the most basic and consistent measurement of all.



The Indians went through a disasterous stretch in their bullpen, one where they were casually blowing 8 run leads every other day.  They have settled down somewhat, but still remain thin on the back-end.  The challenge here is that their starting rotation is so good that it’s hard to stack against the Indians and get a full game upside and the same can be said for the Cardinals who remain right behind them.

Toronto on the other hand continues to roll out John Axford in the 7th and 8th innings, he is legit one of the worst arms in the league and has been crushed by RH bats.

A team who is reeling right now and showing signs of completely falling apart is Colorado, they’ve got the most home games remaining of any team and that’s not good with the warm summer months here.  The bullpen has shown cracks and the nights could get long in Colorado as good teams come to town.

Texas‘ bullpen has some okay numbers early and they did the same thing last year.  But once again we have some underlying stats that show signs of regression.  An xFIP of 4.13 and only 7.22 K/9 from their bullpen indicate that Texas pen has been getting lucky of late.  This is a team who is going to be selling off anything good they can here shortly and I expect them to take a huge nosedive later this month.


  • Boston
  • NY Yankees
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Milwaukee
  • Seattle
  • Houston
  • Arizona



Image result for seattle mariners closer diazGood Team to take note of:  Seattle.  I was dead wrong when I said this would be a bad year for Seattle.  They have overcome a lot and they’ve made moves to really shore up their bullpen.  No team is winning more 1 run games right now and that 7-8-9 stretch that every team covets is really coming through for Seattle of late.  Once you get deep into the game you aren’t scoring on them.







Image result for orioles bullpen sucksBad team to take note of:  Baltimore.  It’s only a matter of time until some of their veteran and good arms are shipped out and they let some rookies start to pitch.  In Camden Yards and other AL East ballparks in June-July-August that really spells disaster.  Plus, outside of Dylan Bundy none of the starters are pitching into the 7th inning.

Baltimore has the following schedule coming up:   Boston, Miami, Nationals, Braves, Mariners.   Four of those five teams are loaded with power and I wouldn’t be shocked if we saw Buck Showalter fired somewhere in that stretch or the team start to make lots of moves to completely throw in the towel on the season.





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