KBO Dongers Club – Thu May 21st

We go full Asian on this slate with 10 Asian born pitchers going, so the names get a little extra confusing but if you have been riding the KBO train then you know which teams are good and which ones are bad by now.



No Issues



Did I call it or what?  We had a pretty solid depth of pitching choices last night even though it didn’t look so great going into the slate.  That coming after Tuesday when it was the opposite.  Tonight feels like a night where everyone is gonna end up in that 12-18 DK fantasy points range as there’s no dominant SO pitchers going today in my mind.

In fact, there’s NOBODY I love tonight.  So let’s go a little contrarian, shall we?

  1. Seung Won Moon (SK – $8800) … Let’s break this down in simple DFS strategy terms.  His team has won only two games on the entire season, including last night on the road at the Heroes.  Logic says no way the Heroes lose again tonight to the poor SK Wyverns at home.  Heck, Vegas has the Heroes as the largest favorite on the entire slate!!  So naturally, the whole world should be on the other side in this game but Seung Won Moon is easily the better pitcher on the mound and at his $8800 price likely comes in under 10%.  Love him tonight on a slate where no other pitchers should hurt us.  Take the chance.
  2. Hyeong Jo So (KTW – $7500) … Biggest concern I have is that he’s definitely not going 100+ pitches tonight, but should get through five and the Eagles have ZERO power as we have learned this year.



Dinos vs Bears

The premiere game of the night and it features two pitchers that don’t leap out to me but I don’t think anyone attacks either of them.  Really like using this as a game stack focus game tonight and I am leaning on the NC Dinos side


Kia Tigers

Back on the Preston Tucker Train tonight




  1. Eui Ji Jang (NCD) … Hard to play the Dinos without him


  1. Roberto Ramos (LG) … Remains criminally underpriced, probably 70% owned one of these days
  2. Hyung Woo Choi (KIA)
  3. Jose Fernandez (DOO)


  1. Min Woo Park (NCD)
  2. Joo Hwan Choi (DOO)


  1. Jeong Choi (SK)
  2. Suk Min Park (NCD) — Day to Day
  3. Joo Hyung Kim (KIW)


  1. Ha Seong Kim (KIW)
  2. Sun Bin Kim (KIA)


  1. Preston Tucker (KIA)
  2. Hyun Soo Kim (LG)
  3. Sung Bum Na (NCD)


  1. Won Jae Lee (NCD)
  2. Eun Sung Chae (LG)
  3. Ji Wan Na (KIA)



CHAIRMAN:  Jeong Choi (SK)

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