Sim Dongers Club – April 2nd

Thank goodness today isn’t April 1st, because nobody would believe this.  But yes, there is simulated Baseball contests on FanDuel now.

Before you ask, my response to your comment / question is … Whatever.

I don’t want to hear the mocking that someone like myself would naturally be doing right now to someone (like myself) doing a fricken DFS article on a simulated sport.  I’m here, and quite frankly I must admit that I’ve run out of Taysom Hill highlight videos to watch.  Times are tough.

FanDuel is claiming to do the simulation with numberFire’s custom simulator.  While I don’t fully trust that and wish it was off the Strat-o-Matic simulations going on, we’ll take it for what it is and adapt as we go.  Everything is free (including this article) on the site so cmon folks, just have fun with it.  For God’s sake, there’s a DFS contest for COOKING out there.

Side Note:  Everyone should hit up @TheRobGeriak on twitter to have him start posting his food that he is cooking every day during this stay at home shit.  The guy is becoming the next Top Chef.


Here’s the games on today’s slate:

  • Blue Jays (Anderson) vs Yankees (Tanaka)
  • Mets (Stroman) vs Nationals (Strasburg)
  • Indians (Bieber) vs Tigers (Boyd)
  • Reds (Bauer) vs Pirates (Musgrove)
  • White Sox (Keuchel) vs Red Sox (Perez)
  • Brewers (Houser) vs Phillies (Wheeler)
  • Mariners (Sheffield) vs Royals (Duffy)
  • Athletics (Luzardo) vs Twins (Maeda)
  • Orioles (Means) vs Cardinals (Hudson)

For what it’s worth, these are all “day games” per the FanDuel timing.  I’m not sure if they will simulate in real time or not, but it appears there is no late swap either way, so no need to worry about late swap theories at all.  Here’s what jumps out at me for these games if they were being played in real life

  • Strasburg day game but its not that warm in DC, so don’t bark up that tree
  • Ryan Braun in Philadelphia — UPDATE:  HE ISNT STARTING?!?#@?!   WHO THE HELL IS RUNNING THIS SIMULATION?!@?#!@?#?!@#?!@#?!


Questions I have on the sim

  • Pay attention to how the sim uses bullpens — or even if we get that information at all.  I say this because typically early in the year starting pitchers wouldnt go deep into games — but I dont know if the simulation will take that into account.  If they are using a simulator like OOTP then it would.  Same for defense/fielding.
  • Weather likely isn’t a factor in simulation, but if it does, they have that listed on the FanDuel lineup page as well and …………
    • 13 MPH WIND OUT TO RIGHT IN PITTSBURGH.   LiPNC is in effect.
    • Cold and Rainy in Boston.
    • 18 MPH WIND IN Philadelphia.  So Braun’s homer will only go 403 feet.
    • Strong winds out to right in Yankee stadium.
    • 69 in Kansas City.  Nice.


Pitching Recommendations

LOL @ Myself saying ‘Recommendations’ for a simulator.  What a douchebag I am.

  1. Shane Bieber:   The Tigers lineup is a little better this year with the additions of Schoop and Cron to the lineup, but it’s very RH heavy.   Top of the lineup has two switch hitters in Goodrum and Reyes but Miggy-Cron-Schoop are the real concerns and Bieber should handle them.
  2. Danny Duffy:   The Mariners suck, plain and simple here folks.  He’s the cheap play for me — I like Luzardo but worry the simulation pulls him early.

It’s worth noting that of all the famous remarks over the years I have uttered in the Dongers Club that it will be “the simulation pulls him early” which makes it way into the Smithsonian one day.  


Target Teams


They are healthy in the simulation and against Chase Anderson the HR upside is strong for them at home today.   Wish Luke Voit wasn’t batting 7th though.

White Sox

So I am going against the idea that weather is going to come into play here today because if this was a real game I’d avoid it with the weather in Boston being blah.  But Martin Perez is an easy target for us in a good hitters park when weather is taken out.  Yoan Moncada is a must own from White Sox today.




Hi.  It’s Justus Sheffield.  He is not good at the Baseball and Hunter Dozier is going yardo today.


Nobody will play the Orioles today vs Dakota Hudson and I think the Orioles and Pirates are two bad teams that folks will pick on with pitchers and they would both be good leverage spots.  Austin Hays was a sleeper for me this year, so lets get it going in the simulation to tilt the lack of real baseball.



  1. Hunter Dozier – OF – Royals – Chairman
  2. Luke Voit – 1B – Yankees
  3. Yoan Moncada – 3B – White Sox
  4. Mike Moustakas – 2B – Reds — LiPNC
  5. Gleyber Torres – SS – Yankees
  6. Austin Hays – OF – Orioles
  7. Gregory Polanco – OF – Pirates
  8. Salvador Perez – C – Royals
  9. BONUS …………………………….. Eloy Jimenez – OF – White Sox




Or just keep drinking and maybe one day all of this will be over


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