College Basketball – March 7th

Let’s break down the College Basketball Slate today folks


Wisconsin vs Indiana

  • This game blows for DFS.
  • Badgers have been playing much better and righted the ship after they went through some really rough spots but are still a mediocre team in a good league.
  • Gimme Hoosiers 1H and Hoosiers -2…

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Villanova vs Georgetown

  • G’Town has one of the worst defenses on the slate and their two best players who have been out a ton are likely out again today.
  • Entire ‘Nova starting five is in play and their best guys (Gillespie, Bey) are also relatively affordable given the matchup as well
  • Justin Moore and Jermaine Samuels though in the 6k range really stand out as top value plays.  If the G’Town studs (Mac & Omer) miss again then I think Nova handles business and gets out of town.
  • G’Town has value in Wahab (4500) to consider.
  • Gimme Nova -7.5 and the UNDER 144.5


Marquette vs St. John’s

  • Markus Howard is going to be everyone’s favorite play today.  I don’t like him a ton on the road and with 11 games and half of them are pretty good for DFS it’s not my normal build to pay up for a 9k player — especially on the road.  But this game should have a ton of points in it and Howard alone should get 40 fantasy points.  I think he needs a 60 though to be unfadeable and I don’t see that happening.
  • That said, the rule of thumb on Howard is either Howard or everyone else.  Everyone else plays would be Koby McEwen and Sacar Anim.  I don’t want the value Marquette guys.
  • Marcellus Earlington (St. Johns) for 5200 on DraftKings is the SNEAKY play in this game.
  • Im a sucker for Rasheem Dunn and with the high tempo I can see him attacking a bunch in this game.
  • Bet the 1H under, 2H Over


Auburn vs Tennessee

  • I went heavy on this game last time they played at Auburn and Isaac Okoro missed that game for Auburn but should be back today.   In that game Tennessee had a huge lead in the 2H and blew it because they suddenly stopped scoring.  If you are team who only focuses on offense you can beat Auburn — a team I think is going to the final 4.  Tennessee is not that.
  • But you bet your ass I am gonna play the over here.
  • Isaac Okoro should destroy Tennessee in my mind and nobody will roster him today.
  • Jordan Bowden and John Fulkerson would be the ones to have solid games for the Vols.
  • Josiah-Jordan James at $5600 is the much better pt/$ play than Bowden on DK though.
  • Yves Pons is your “get me 22 fantasy points” play if are stuck but lots of options in his price range.
  • Auburn needs to play well and the Vols are playing well and probably upset they blew the first game.
  • This game is going over….. time…


Kentucky vs Florida

  • Eww

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Baylor vs West Virginia

  • Long live Kevin Pittsnogle
  • Take me home
  • Country Roads
  • Great game to watch.
  • Bad game to DFS stack.
  • Bob Huggins Money Line


Rutgers vs Purdue

  • Glenn Robinson aint walkin through dem doors.
  • I cannot think of anyone good who played basketball at Rutgers
  • oh.
  • Eddie Jordan.  Gotta harvest your nuts right now….
  • Yeah this game sucks.
  • Next.


Georgia vs LSU

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  • Not sure why anyone would play Markus Howard for 9200 when Anthony Edwards for 8100 in non 11am game in Baton Rouge is just available to us.
  • Jordan Harris – value play of the day.  Normally I wouldnt consider a value player on the road, but … it’s LSU.
  • Same is true for Sahvir Wheeler — who I likely will end up going actually for $600 more.
  • Dear Trendon Watford….. … play him
  • Marlon Taylor is likely the other LSU Tiger I force in at $4300.  At home he should hopefully avoid fouls and can exploit Georgia for a good game.
  • Both Mays and Smart do what they do, but Mays tends to take over games when he has big outings and would be a stand alone play IMO.


Kansas vs Texas Tech

  • Kansas could lose this game and still be a #1 seed.
  • Texas Tech would no doubt secure a berth with a win here.
  • Kansas is considered the #1 team in the country right now and in a season when whoever is the #1 team ends up choking one could see a sneaky upset here.
  • The only way Kansas loses is if the game goes under.
  • Might be a good spot to in game bet Kansas though if Texas Tech comes out white hot and a high paced game and you can get Kansas at + odds.
  • oh theres not much DFS value here unless you go with the TT upset — in which case roll Ramsey at $6600.  next.


Seton Hall vs Creighton

  • This is a toughie, both teams have lots of options to consider but the Seton Hall prices seem very high for a road game.
  • Most could look at this and say first game went over this one going under.  I think that’s a mistake.
  • Myles Powell and Sandro Mamukelavishill are the only Pirates one can trust in this spot, neither to me is a must.
  • The Blue Jays are always one of three guards, Alexander, Zegarowski or Ballock.  Roll the dice on one.
  • Play the 1H over.


Colorado vs Utah

  • The Pac-12 has been a pain in my ass this year but I’m gonna be tempted to play Timmy Allen for Utah at 2% ownership.
  • If you do play Timmy Allen, you’d be a fool not to use Tyler Bey in the same lineup.   Colorado technically has the better match-up, and if Utah Shines it should only boost Bey’s usage in a close game.
  • There’s a couple value spots due to injury on Utah in Both Gach and Jaxon Brenchley.  Neither leaps out to me but Gach makes sense if stacking the game.




  1. Taylor / Watford / Edwards (GA/LSU game)
  2. Villanova Players & St John’s Exposure (Rasheem Dunn)
  3. Josiah-Jordan James / Okoro (Tenn/Auburn game)



  • Tyler Bey / Timmy Allen (Pac12 game)



  • Georgia vs LSU
  • Marquette vs St. John’s
  • Seton Hall vs Creighton
  • Villanova vs Georgetown



  • Auburn vs Tennessee
  • Colorado vs Utah



  • Wisconsin vs Indiana
  • Kentucky vs Florida
  • Baylor vs West Virginia
  • Rutgers vs Purdue
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