The Dongers Club – July 31st (Early)

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Wednesday, July 31st – Early Slate

This is only a four game early slate, but believe me when I say that it is a four game early slate which I absolutely love and I have not felt this way about an early slate since the days of like 2016.  It’s been a long long time since these mid week afternoon slates to me were enjoyable but this one is one that is just calling to me.



All games play.


SP1 – Jacob Junis

Next question … Nah, seriously.  Junis, like most of the AL Central pitchers these days finally has to be happy to not be seeing the same team over and over.  He had 4 of his last 5 starts against the Indians, many back to back starts with the Twins and White Sox as well mixed in and now will face the Blue Jays who half of em suck vs sliders and a couple of them are decent.  If he can avoid walking batters ahead of Lourdes today then Junis will have another cruise outing.

SP2 – Masahiro Tanaka

I am not touching Castillo or Dario after the brawl last night.

Greinke has a little Strasburg in him and an afternoon game in Yankee Stadium is very dicey.   Between Soroka and Anibal I am going to lean Anibal but he won’t blow the slate away.  All of this brings me to Tanaka, who will get touched up by Adam Jones but to me could strike-out 6-7 Diamondbacks today.   However between Anibal Sanchez and Masahiro fricken Tanaka …. UPDATE:  I am going Tanaka…. Pray for me.  And us.

Royals, Yankees, Reds and Nationals win.


Cincinnati Reds … This has been a high scoring series going back and forth and Dario is a somewhat promising young arm but not one to completely keep the Reds down and within the ballpark.  The gut feel sensors have been popping for me this week and the gut says Eugenio Suarez is going deep today.

Kansas City Royals …  Oh hey, maybe the reason I love this slate is some homer Royals love?  Blah, piss off.  Wageuesuckass is on the mound for Toronto today and Jorge Soler / Hunter Dozier should absolutely rake against him in the middle of the lineup.


C:   Suzuki, Barnhart, Diaz

1B:   Freeman homers (Him and Flowers my Braves exposure)

2B:   Whit (DK), Ozzie, Scooter

3B:   Suarez, Dozier

SS:   Didi, Turner, Iglesias

OF:  Soler, Senzel, VanMeter, Whit (FD)




  1. Freddie Freeman – 1B – Braves


  1. Jorge Soler – OF – Royals
  2. Didi Gregorius – SS – Yankees
  3. Eugenio Suarez – 3B – Reds




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