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Saturday, July 27th

We are up to day six now of the 7 days with one day remaining after tonight and a very very very close race up at the top.  Getting those bonus points for finishing in the top 5 each night is going to be critical so keep shooting for that big score to sneak up.

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So I was out walking the dog this morning . . .    And It kind of hit me like a ton of bricks.  It’s not July baseball right now.  This is mid-August baseball that we are seeing in terms of the trends department.  In mid August we generally get into a cycle of games where there is that one team going off every night and the one player from within that team that you simply need to have to be winning everything.  But that one player and one team is generally not the chalk team and not necessarily an insane stack where 4-5 guys are all going off.  Plus, it’s not like every single night we are seeing people win things with multiple teams combined together stacking everything and taking it down.  It’s just been that they have acquired the points through those one or two players from that main one team that went off.  Lots of Boston stacks last night were with Tampa which flopped for example.  So how do we identify these one random teams?  It’s hard, for sure, but I hope to have a process on picking those spots out better and will roll that out here on tonights slate.

Also, regarding the random 3 HR thing here’s the guys that have done it now

  • Deitrich
  • Bell
  • Cano
  • DeJong
  • Cruz
  • Betts

… So what now… Someone who’s name begins with D?  B but the lower part of the alphabet after B?  I mean, someone crack the code for fucks sake!



All games play.



Mike Clevinger

Clevinger faces a Royals team who is in one of those “oh, lets suck this weekend since we won two in a row” modes.  All day its Clevinger over Cole tonight and honestly it’s not even a debate even with him having the worse umpire.  Sunshine will shine for 12 strikeouts against the Royals.

Homer Bailey – DK SP2

This is a great bounce back spot for Homer Bailey tonight, not to deliver a winning dominant 30 point performance on DK or anything, but at $6,700 he should serve as a viable 5 inning SP2 tonight.

Max Fried

A game that I think is lower scoring tonight and I have to lean on Fried over Eflin even though Eflin will bounce back and pitch a better all around game.  Fried has the K upside against the Phils line-up and Atlanta overall is the much better team.



Martin Perez

Perez doesn’t appear to be that chalky in a spot that he should smash his way to 7 or 8 innings pitched tonight.  On DrafKings I have Perez ranked VERY high in this spot against the White Sox who are atrocious against LHP and have no right being in the same ballpark as the Twins.

Anthony DeSclafani

He is always like that Soccer Coach who says “Sometimes Maybe Good, Sometimes Maybe Shit”.  But I honestly don’t think Story, Nolan, Dahl, Blackmon can do much off him today and we have a guy who consistently is very good at home and has a strikeout bump there + he gets the worst road offense in the league off a couple good games.


NOTE:  It’s very unclear who the hell is gonna pitch for the Angels tonight.  They’ve been struggling against Baltimore to say the least but some value could be find here.



  1. Clevinger and Perez
  2. Perez and Bailey
  3. Perez and DeSclafani


  1. Clevinger
  2. Perez
  3. DeSclafani


Projected Chalk:

  1. Twins
  2. Reds — I had Rockies listed here, the Reds are the chalkier team.
  3. Angels
  4. Indians

Tonight’s chalk is a little spread out and you could make a legit case that most of the teams listed above will do well, but I don’t think any are that secret sauce tournament winner tonight.  So I’m ruling all of them out as my stack plays but am fine with them as one offs.



Love Houston in an interleague game even without the DH (Yordan) tonight — unless he does get the start and then giddy up!!!   Ponce de Leon simply walks far too many batters to get through a loaded Houston lineup like this without issues and Houston comes in pretty on fire and healthy and extremely low owned tonight due to Gerrit Cole being on the mound and lowering the projected combined total on this game.  PDL has given up a HR in each of his last home starts and being a mostly fastball pitcher against a dead red fastball team like Houston dooms disaster.  His early splits show HR power given up to RH bats and so I’ll continue that trend tonight with Yuli Gurriel, George Springer and Jose Altuve.


Yeah so, I might have been a day early on the Cubs.  I won’t miss the boat tonight if it comes in.  Chase Anderson has been toying with disaster too long now.    Logically Kris Bryant makes all the fucking sense in the world against him, but it’s Schwarber and Heyward who are the definite medium chalk guys that you’ll want as well.   I’m going back to Baez and will make this a 5 man fuck-tard-fest on DK tonight with Rizzo as well.  Cucking Fubs.


One team who could creep up in chalk is Oakland facing against Adrian Sampson, sucker of giving up runs to opposing teams that are strong from the right handed side.  That’s generally Oakland, except half their team is cold as ice.  Chapman and Davis specifically are the two guys who haven’t done crap in forever and if Oakland is going to do something tonight it would be on their backs along with Matt Olson.


Guess what game has cluster fuck all over it?  The one in PETCO tonight between the Giants (Shaun Anderson) and Padres (Cal Quantrill).   Who wants some PANIK at the PETCO for near min price tonight at shitty 2B?  Yes, please….   On a late night slate you’ll see everyone and their uncles brother [its a joke ppl, keep up] going to the Angels-Orioles game.  Nah, gimme the Giants and Padres as your sneaky late night spot for random offense.  Quantrill stinks and Anderson is bad road PETCO chalk.



  1. JT Realmuto
  2. Willson Contreras
  3. Robinson Chirinos


There’s basically a ton of “yeah, maybe, yeah, but, yeah, well” type plays here at first base tonight.  And then there is Yuli Gurriel who comes in having a hit in every game since the all-star break except for the first game back include 6 HR in that span.  He’s on fire.

  1. Yuli Gurriel
  2. Daniel Murphy
  3. Brandon Belt


  1. Jose Altuve
  2. Ozzie Albies … Too cheap on FD for the ballpark and spot in the batting order against a struggling Eflin.
  3. Robel Garcia


  1. Alex Bregman
  2. Bubba Ramirez … Hey, welcome to 2019 Jose!
  3. Matt Chapman … Chapman along with most of Oakland hasn’t done jack shit offensively since their last homestand…  Hmm.   That changes today.


  1. Carlos Correa
  2. Javy Baez
  3. Marcus Semien


  1. George Springer
  2. Yasiel Puig
  3. Ryan Braun
  4. Mike Trout

OUTFIELD – Off the wall

  1. Byron Buxton
  2. Jorge Soler
  3. Hunter Renfroe
  4. Shohei Ohtani


  1. Jesse Winker
  2. Mike Yastrzemski
  3. Khris Davis … He has 10 home runs.  TEN.  F’n Pablo Sandoval has 13.
  4. Kole Calhoun



George Springer – OF – Astros


  1. Yuli Gurriel – 1B – Astros
  2. Mike Yastrzemski – OF – Giants
  3. Jorge Soler – OF – Royals
  4. Yasiel Puig – OF – Reds
  5. Matt Chapman – 3B – Athletics
  6. Javy Baez – SS – Cubs
  7. Jose Altuve – 2B – Astros
  8. JT Realmuto – C – Phillies




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