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Here’s a little peak behind the scenes on today’s article.  I thought both sites had a 6 game early slate only excluding the 2PM games.  And so I went into this whole rant about how they are stupid and completely did my write-up focused on all the 4PM games.  Then it appears the coffee finally set in and I noticed that DraftKings, does in fact start at 2PM for their Early/Afternoon Slate….  Soooo, yeah….

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Zero Concerns.  Someone tell the Weather MLB Tout to go do NFL Best Ball Analysis.



This isn’t a slate that has a pitcher who is in a -smash- spot like we have seen this week with studs like Sale and Cole (tune in for the evening slate for that).  Gibson’s had a little bump this year in getting Swinging Strikes, nothing too huge to expect a sudden drop off by any stretch, however I don’t see him having a score that ends up making us feel like idiots for not playing him.  However.  With only 6 games, he’s the #1 guy and on DraftKings a hard guy to pass up in my mind against a below-below average Tigers lineup.


Julio is gonna cruise today vs the lowly Marlins who are back home and back to sucking offensively.


He has his control back as he has corrected his issues with the walks ever since I highlighted the major regression in that area.  Keller, like a Marcus Stroman or Aaron Sanchez, is someone to consider against the White Sox.  He profiles well against them but the concern of facing the same team for a fourth time in the same season does bring in some scare today.  Keller is a contrarian pivot on DK as an SP2 off Valdez and Davies.




It’s Tanner Roark vs the Phillies in a day game day 2019!!!!!!!!!!  Wooo!!!  Like watching Pigs … Well, you get the idea.

Roark is finally starting to show his true suckage with the Reds.  I swear this guy is so predictable, throws together a few nice starts, makes you think he is a viable and decent pitcher and now he is into that I can’t get through 5 innings mode because I’m gonna take my dear sweet time throwing 100+ pitches and giving up a couple homers to random righties in the lineup.  Well today those random righties go by the name of Rhys Hoskins and whoever bats 7th for the Phillies (righty or not).  That’s Roark, he’ll give up some bottom of the order dong that will tilt everyone else who stacked the Phillies.  Not us!  GIMME THE SEVEN HOLE PHILLY!…

  • CORE:  Hoskins, Realmuto


These teams are playing a double header today.  I lean Texas early and Oakland late.

  • CORE:  Santana, Nomar, Asdrubal


Friends dont let Friends stack the Pirates.  Well, to that I say ….

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Pittsburgh beats up Davies today, which is the reason he wasn’t mentioned above.  Love Bell, Polanco, Marte and the man, the myth, the legend…  Burt Reynolds.

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  • Houston
  • Brewers not named Christian  Yelich



I don’t mind value shopping here for a backup catcher today in some nice day games.  But JT Realmuto should be in the lineup for Philly and should be a very productive play here for a reasonable price.

  1. JT Realmuto
  2. Cam Gallagher


Rhys Hoskins is my highest ranked player on the entire slate.  He has a .304 ISO at home and is almost dominant at home vs RHP.

  1. Rhys Hoskins
  2. Freddie Freeman


Derek Dietrich is gonna continue towards 30 HR this year isn’t he?  This position once again is actually not the worst thing I have ever seen as we get some nice value spots with Pinder and Cesar Hernandez.  On FD though Dietrich is the guy.

  1. Derek Dietrich
  2. Chad Pinder
  3. Cesar Hernandez


Oakland’s run today begins and ends with Matt Chapman.  If he has a good game they rake, if he doesn’t, they dont.

  1. Asdrubal Cabrera
  2. Matt Chapman
  3. ‘Geno Suarez:  Had what we could say is a shitty game last night with 4 strikeouts.  Bounces back today.
  4. Travis Shaw


This position stinks…

  1. Didi Gregorius
  2. Marcus Semien
  3. Adalberto Raul Mondesi Jr…. With Castillo Catching the Royals will run often on Giolito.


  1. Christian Yelich:   Yelich.Saturdays
  2. Nomar Mazara
  3. Bruce, Jay:   The hot streak will end around Fathers Day.  Just be warned, he will then fade into the nothingness as the Phillies second half collapse begins.
  4. The Pirates … Yes, the Pirates OF….


  1. Brett F’n Gardner … He homers today.  That’s how much I believe in LiC, that and Plutko doesn’t make it out of games without giving up 2-3 HR it seems.
  2. Jesse Winker
  3. Derek Fisher


  1. Rhys Hoskins – 1B – Philadelphia – CHAIRMAN
  2. Matt Chapman – 3B – Oakland
  3. JT Realmuto – C – Philadelphia
  4. Didi Gregorius – SS – NY Yankees
  5. Brett Gardner – OF – NY Yankees
  6. Derek Dietrich – 2B – Cincinnati
  7. Christian Yelich – OF – Milwaukee
  8. Eddie Rosario – OF – Minnesotttaaa
  9. BONUS ………………………………………….. Phillies 7 hole.
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