The Dongers Club – June 1st

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Welcome to a slate where you should simply play either two lineups or play no lineups at all tonight.   Here’s the breakdown on what we have on this slate.

There is one game which stands out above all for offense and that’s without a doubt the Blue Jays and Rockies game in Coors Field.  To make matters worse, it has ridiculous pricing on both sites for this game.  Let’s start with FanDuel where we have Six, yes SIX Rockies who are sub 4k and the ENTIRE Blue Jays team is under 3.5k.  That is basically what a game between the Tigers and Indians in Cleveland should look like, not a game between the Blue Jays and Rockies bad bullpens in Colorado should look like.  DraftKings isn’t much better, but they do have Story and Nado priced up fairly high but when folks wanna force one bat in with the other value options they’ll be able to do such.

There is no other game that comes close to touching this one offensively for me today.  Sure, there’s a couple mini spots where teams will get a little Production, but not 1-8 like these teams potentially have here tonight in Denver.  So your approach in my mind is simple today.  Play two lineups if you wanna get off Coors ownership today.  First lineup will be heavy Coors and second lineup should have zero or one to two bats from that game.

There’s lots of good pitching tonight in my mind and a few very sneaky spots.  The very sneaky spots are the ways to pair up with Coors Field and still be contrarian.



There are no issues.


There are four elite arms going tonight with two of them facing off against each other.  No reason to think Verlander or Kershaw struggle but Greinke vs deGrom is actually a spot you’d expect to be 1-0 but I wouldn’t be shocked if neither pitcher gets the win or has a huge game there.

Justin Verlander … The only stud I would pay up for, however I love the pitching combination options in the mid range tonight so I’m actually not gonna bother with all these aces.



Andrew Heaney … This is an odd Saturday 7PM start in Seattle and one which I think gains some pivot ownership off of the game in Coors.   Mistake.  Heaney was excellent in his first start of the year going 5 innings over 85 pitches against the Rangers.  The Mariners are a little weaker vs LHP and this is just an odd start time that screams a 3-1 under.

Jack Flaherty … I hate that Jack never gets into that 100+ pitch count range consistently, but he has the next best K upside after the big 4 today and has done well vs these Cubs bats.

Rick Porcello … Big game Rick.  The theory is simple on Porcello.  In big games (like vs the Yanks) he steps his game up, vs bad opponents he pitches like a donkey.


COORS FIELD – Telez, Vlad, Story, Murphy

For all the obvious reasons.   The Blue Jays side is what I really like tonight.  Rowdy Tellez and Vlad Jr the main plays from Toronto with Trevor Story and Daniel Murphy the main plays for the Rockies.

SAN DIEGO – Reyes, Machado, Renfroe

This is a Jose Urena blow up game and the perfect pivot tonight.  The Padres are the same price at home as the Blue Jays are in Coors, which is just stupid but hey they’ll get 5 runs off Urena and hopefully can get more off the Marlins bullpen.


C … Danny Jansen

1B … Telez, Murphy, Alonso

2B … Biggio, Holt, Kemp

3B … Vlad Jr, Arenado, Devers

SS … Story, Xander, Fletcher

OF … Trout, Dahl, Grichuk, Reyes, Conforto


  1. Franmil Reyes – OF – Chairman of the Dongers Club
  2. Rowdy Tellez – 1B – Toronto
  3. Raffy Devers – 3B – Boston


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