Dongers Club MLB DFS – Sunday, April 1st

12:00 PM Update

I tried not to write up too many stacks as I don’t feel it’s a good day for offense in general.  That said, the Twins would be the next one on the list.  Gausman prefers Caleb Joseph to catch him and today he has rookie Chance Sisco (who they are high on) catching him.  The Twins are in a good spot none the less.   Dozier-Rosario-Sano-Buxton and LoMo would be the core players to focus on.  I like Dozier and Rosario the most as I noted them below.



We have our leader in the clubhouse for worst slate of the year.

Sundays are the best day of the week for MLB DFS if you ask me.  I love them.  That said, today is one of the odd-ball ones.  Not only is it Easter Sunday but it’s also the first Sunday of the year.  Today, Mothers Day and Fathers Day seem to be the three weird ones to me….

My Sunday article’s are ALWAYS for the MAIN slates.   Today that is 7 games and there’s not much on the afternoon slates, so no write-ups on them.

DraftKings is including the Houston @ Texas game on their MAIN slate, so they have 8 games.  These guys aren’t available on the FD main slate.



I am giving simply the spots that could have a PPD risk here.  If there is a MAJOR weather impact then I will note that as well, however noting things like slight winds out here or slight winds out there isn’t something I’m gonna feel you need to worry about here as I’ve factored it into my analysis below.

  2. Pittsburgh @ Detroit should get played.   They have a double-header and the Pirates obviously aren’t coming back to Detroit this season.  But it’s really cold here.



  1. Jose Quintana … More of a play on FD where he is a steal and highly likely to give you both the QS and the WIN.  The Marlins have shown to be pesky early in the season but I don’t see them doing much today on Quintana.
  2. Jose Berrios … In terms of talent, he’s the best arm going today.  I hate the ballpark he has to pitch in today but the Orioles haven’t exactly come out on fire to start the season.  I don’t mind rolling Berrios on FD.  But definitely do an Orioles hedge stack in this ballpark if you roll here.
  3. Luke Weaver … I really question if he is going to go 6 innings or more today.  He has a ton of K upside but often has issues keeping his pitch count down.
  4. Sonny Gray … FD only play.  I don’t wanna pay his price tag on DK when there are better options in the same range.  But on FD, he’s a solid play today.  The win is no lock though going up against Stroman



  1. Trevor Williams … T-Will the thrill!  Really bad hitting conditions today and with a doubleheader we could see him allowed to get stretched out a little bit longer to save some arms for the second game of the day.  He’s only 5200 on DK, so he’s my automatic plug in with Quintana on DK as that allows me to get the bats I want.  The Tigers lineup does not scare me at all.
  2. Jacob Faria … I like the Rays bats as a sneaky play today and Faria showed some solid flash last year when he came up.  Good spot to take him today at low ownership as an SP2.



  1. Cubs – I hate teams in South Beach on Sundays after they partied on Saturday night.   Rizzo and Bryant though are locked in and Addy Russell is in a great spot today.  I don’t expect the Cubs to go off though.   Not after two long games.
  2. Astros – I’m not that high on them today.



The players listed next to the team are the primary ones I am looking at.

RANGERS … Gallo-Odor-Mazara-Beltre

Solid ballpark, solid weather and a pitcher changing leagues making his first start of the year.  Lots of hype around Gerrit Cole coming over to Houston and how Houston’s video and analytics departments improved Verlander last year.  That’s fine and grandy, but start #1 is the time I want to pick on Cole.  Not to mention the fact that we gotta find some offense and there’s a ton of cold or bad ballparks on this slate today.  Texas is not one of those.  73 degrees and a solid ballpark.


CARDINALS … Pham-Ozuna-Martinez-Molina-DeJong

Steven Matz has not had a good career thus far and one can’t imagine the Cards coming out and getting swept to start the season.  The wind is playing well for lefties which doesn’t help the Cardinals today, but the four righty bats I listed above would be a nice stack to roll out today.  Good power versus the lefty Matz and the Cardinals should put up a bunch of crooked numbers early.


RAYS … Span-Kiermaier-Miller-Ramos

Hector Velazquez is basically making a spot start for Boston today and the Red Sox bullpen hasn’t been great over the first few games of the season.  He’ll likely get bumped out early and the Tampa lineup is one that nobody will look at today.  One thing to focus on here is not searching for 5 home runs with Tampa.  It’s not a great ballpark and Velazquez gets a ton of ground balls.  Wilson Ramos has some great pop batting 7th and is a nice option on DK where you have to roster a catcher.



  • Chance Sisco Disco!!!!!!!!!
  • Wilson Ramos
  • Yadier Molina


  • Joey Gallo
  • Jose Martinez (1B/OF)
  • Anthony Rizzo


  • Rougned Odor
  • Brian Dozier
  • Dumpster Fire
  • Brad Miller


  • Kris Bryant – Has started off white hot.  Costs you a pretty penny on DK today though so I am fine with the fade.
  • Alex Bregman
  • Adrian Beltre


  • Manny Machado (Slide him over at 3B on DK)
  • Paul DeJong – Part of Cards stack only for me
  • Addison Russell


  • Eddie Rosario
  • Thomas Pham
  • Nomar Mazara
  • Giancarlo Sunday Stanton


  • Corey Dickerson
  • Marcell Ozuna
  • George Springer
  • Joey Gallo (1B/OF on DK)
  • Aaron Judge


  • Denard Span
  • Curtis Granderson
  • Colby Rasmus



  1. Jose Martinez – 1B – Chairman
  2. Chance Cisco – C
  3. Nomar Mazara – OF
  4. Marcell Ozuna – OF
  5. Eddie Rosario – OF
  6. Brad Miller – 2B
  7. Adrian Beltre – 3B
  8. Addison Russell – SS
  9. BONUS ……….. Anthony Rizzo – 1B




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