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    Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

    New Feature! – Email All option. For quick access to a league wide email.

    I used to do this back in my active dynasty days. When I was ready to move on from a guy, I would literally send a trade offer to all 11 teams. I would then publicize the fact that I had just done this to the other 11 league mates with an email or league post and say the first one that clicks accept gets him!

    This would ALWAYS result in a quick ACCEPT. I think it had something to do with the psyche that this trade wouldn’t last long and if I wanted it I better hurry.


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    Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

    Let’s look to make sure these were done correctly.

    From tech, Things done so far:
    —DONT ALLOW A BID IF TEAM IS OVER ROSTER LIMIT ALREADY — warning message so you’re not caught with your pants down.
    —REMOVE UNLOGGED IN MESSAGE ON ARCHIVED LEAGUES — it should see you as logged in when you view an archived league.
    —REMOVE FFTIME BANNER – it should now display ScoutFantasySports.
    —REINSTATE POWER RANKING MODULE ON DFWC LEAGUES — These are fun, but sometimes painful to look at.
    —REMOVE SALARY AMOUNT FROM ROSTERED PLAYERS — Let’s hope this stays away.
    —EMAIL ALL BUTTON ON DFWC LEAGUES SO THEY CAN COMMUNICATE — New Feature for easy communication.
    —FIX CONSOLATION BUTTON ON DFWC LEAGUES – Should be able to view old leaderboards no problem.
    —WORK WITH STEVE TO CLEAN UP SITE DESIGN — better site design can’t hurt.
    —REMOVE HEREISTHESALARYCAP – removing random text that just floats out there.
    —CHANGE UT TO FLEX – Good, we don’t use the word “utility” , we use “Flex”
    —FIX SMALL STANDINGS TO REFLECT ONLY 13 WEEKS – by small, he means mobile. It was displaying 16 weeks of points for 13 games.
    —STANDINGS MENU REMOVE % COLUMN – Good, just clutter, now we have room for some goodies.
    —STANDINGS MENU REMOVE B COLUMN – Good, just clutter, see above.

    More to come.

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    Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

    Thanks for reporting. We’ll get that fixed!

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    Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

    Hey Mike, yes you need to cancel over there by emailing

    No telling what they’re doing over there, but CBS owns them, so knowing them, it will be CBS like content.

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    Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

    I think it’s appropriate but Lamar is way more dangerous. Hes twice the athlete in the run game as Kordell. I think back to how Kordell changed the game. He definitely has that ability, and defenses will need to learn to adjust in the same way they eventually did for Kordell. Then Vick entered the game and there was no answer for him in his prime. That’s what I see for Lamar. Think RG3 before the injury took away his speed, only thinner, taller and faster than either.

    Vick 6-0 210
    RG3 6-2 220
    Lamar 6-3 211

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    Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

    Test reply.

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    Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

    Virginia can win it all. I’ve never seen anything like it. This team comes through every year with amazing defense. All they have to do is knock down a few threes in the second half. With their style of play, I’m telling ya Frankie, they can do it.

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    Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

    On blind bidding experience

    Well. Three of you hate it, but a full 76% of you reviewed this favorably and 96% gave it an average grade or above. We’ll keep trying to push it, but looks like it’s performing more than adequately.

    Comments we received:

    best part of the website. makes it easy to bid on multiple players

    I really Like it compared to any other kind of free agent pools.

    it’s fine

    Good to great sometimes it would be nice to be able to have waiver available Sunday morning but it works good the way it is

    I had no issue using the blind bidding.

    After blind bidding has completed people should be able to add/drop fist come first serve. If youiss the BB time you have no alternative.

    I really hate that everything must be finalized by Friday night, shit happens Sunday adds and drops are critical imo

    All missed bids should be reported, not just next highest missed bid. <---- Interesting, that's a lot of clutter for a report, maybe a detail link for those interested.

    This software is brutal. <----- Would love to hear more about this experience. Assuming you're one of the 3.

    I didn’t make very many moves.

    No problems

    The bidding format isn’t. Very mobile friendly. <--- we are taking a hard look at mobile this year. It's our biggest agenda item.

    It is insanely difficult to figure out. I also really, REALLY dislike the fact there is no FCFS. There is simply no reason not to open up FCFS after Waivers. <—- Maybe try this video for help:

    It is still confusing

    Great dont change

    It would add to the strategy to allow the FAAB dollars to be included in trades (current year dollars only). To keep it reasonable perhaps a $100 limit per trade would be a good limiter to prevent abuse. <--- We have discussed, but again, it's an issue of , OOPS, I shouldn't have done that. We're more protecting the players from themselves than anything else.

    It would be great for issues concerning kickers that are last minute scratches, to be able to pick up a new kicker on Sundays. <---- Free reign of kickers and defenses? Always? Not subjected to the lockout rules? Hmmm...

    Love the fact that results instantly known after deadline. Other sites take hour or overnight to reveal outcomes.

    I love it.

    I am involved in a few other leagues with Blind bidding and your process runs smooth! It would be nice to open a first come first serve on just sundays before kickoff in case of injury or if you don’t win a final bid on Friday night.

    Hate the multiple groups thing

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    Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

    On the issue of tanking

    Well, call me baffled. I have always thought that possible points would be an excellent solution, but only 1 in 3 of you agree with me.

    Here are the comments we received:

    This is a tricky one because it feels like no matter what route to choose to go with, there will always be people who are upset with the results. I’m assuming “possible points” is referring to best ball scoring? Working under that assupmtion, I’d hate to know that I missed out on a top 3 pick because the defense or kicker I didn’t use each week put up 20 points a couple of times. And as you stated, shoutouts would all but ensure the 4th-8th ranked teams would have a much higher chance at a top 3 pick.

    League XX – Team XX was tanking, and does so every year. I e-mailed you about it in 2016 and again this past season in November 2017, when they obviously tanked by not using a valid lineup in week 11. Several players in their starting lineup were on bye. Their total points should be increased by the players on their bench who they should have started. It’s an obvious tanking situation, where they can say “oops, forget to set our lineup.” This is the most egregious but I’m sure you would see other examples if you looked at them week to week down the stretch. This single instance caused them to be below us in points and thus a higher draft spot. Our team, the XX, should have the higher draft spot due to their obvious cheating. This will need to be addressed before we re-up for 2018. Thanks. <----- Wow, when we see an email, we always look into it and reply back. Maybe it's not the answer you wanted, but sometimes, they don't have the player on their roster to replace someone and or they've ran out of $ to do it. We do report and track all those found to be tanking and attempt to correct the behavior. Please don't be discouraged and continue to report it as you see it.

    Think it would be more dropped teams if you do the week 14-16 scenario, too hard for struggling teams

    I think as a league you have to be all in one way or the other as in a shootout from weeks 14-16 or just embrace tanking with no repercussions as that is the best way to rebuild a depleted roster.

    You could base the draft order for the non playoff teams on the first ten weeks, most teams are still in the playoff race making tanking less likely.

    I think it’s a toss up between “possible points” and no change. But I think possible points would show which team really is the worst. You can’t tell if someone sits a player on purpose or it’s lack of knowledge.

    some teams appear to be tanking but are just re-tooling their roster. If you have several older players at some point in time you have to change your mix of players.By doing this you are going to be non-competitive for a year or two.

    The tanking was awful in both the DFWC leagues I am in and it was not policed early, only later in the season unfortunately. Therefore, I am in favor of possible points being the deciding factor..<--- Report it, see something, say something, not in chat, in a support ticket, please.

    Possible points. Eliminates tanking, while continuing to help worst team rebuild for competitive balance. Best of both worlds. <--- That's what I thought too!

    Changing this would “punish” the teams that legitimately come in last without tanking, the ones that actually follow the rules.

    I’m only in one league, but haven’t seen a lot of tanking

    I don’t think tanking is that big of a deal, we have seen tanking in the pro ranks I don’t care if it happens here.

    I am in one keeper where we have a contest for nonplayoff teams just like you stated above. The problem is that there has been less trades/movement due to the fact that the nonplayoff teams do not want to lose in the week 14 – 16 shootout. I strongly vote against this as I believe the best way to rebuild is obtaining draft picks and this will not happen via trades if a shootout tourney is implemented.

    Shootout is not a good idea. I’m close to 50/50 on possible points vs. reporting. I had a report a couple of tanking situations this year, and to be honest, I don’t like being THAT guy. It’d be nice if we didn’t have to do that, but at the very least, it should be easier to research. Going through the historical lineup feed is a nightmare.

    This will suck for the bad teams for the most part, but will help with tanking. Tanking got pretty bad last year in both of my leagues. Once one team sees another team doing it then it turns in to multiple teams tanking which hurts the playoff teams.

    Half of the teams that don’t make the playoffs, don’t even bother to submit updated lineups. Using best ball accumulation for weeks 14-16 “ONLY for NON PLAYOFF teams” ensures that the worst teams get the better draft positions. <--- We're in the minority here...

    Please never change this. We should police our own leagues but I do a playoff system in another league and it makes it almost impossible to get the #1 pick if you’re the worst team. In that league I missed the playoffs by a few points and then won the shootout for the #1 pick and even I don’t think that’s very fair.

    We reported tanking in dfwc XX but nothing was done. Multiple owners reported it. So the reporting system is fine, if something actually gets done…it seems to have been ignored. <--- We have seen people report in the chat rooms (not monitored) and or have emailed my personal email account (not gonna work) Make sure and email support - That's the only official ticketing system we have, otherwise things can get lost in spam.

    Possible points sounds like a great option to me… another way i like is the 5th team (bubble team) that misses the playoffs gets the first pick overall or 5-8 have there own playoff for the 1st pick overall

    YES, YES, YES, potential points takes tanking out completly. Absolutely NO for a shootout for draft position, bad teams deserve the highest pick, period.

    Possible points can/will be gamed as well if people really want to tank (e.g. carrying one QB, kickers on bye, etc.) <---- Hadn't thought about that, but it seems like that's the lessor of two evils.

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