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      Matt De LimaMatt De Lima

      I don’t play in leagues unless they’re IDP. I do play a few FullTime Fantasy Sports contests every year just because, but even then it’s mostly draft only leagues. I’ve just always been a defensive minded guy and I think it adds more strategy to the game. So what’s your excuse for not playing IDP?

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      Scott AtkinsScott Atkins

      I am in one Dynasty IDP league just to get my head around it, but learning the depths of the entire defense is rather daunting. I think most people need to graduate to IDP, for example.. one year, we’re adding linebackers, or cornerbacks.. that way, you can get into a flow of their true point value, because it’s not that the player ranking is all that difficult, it’s knowing the value of the scoring system and determining when to draft that position based on scarcity and total point value. That’s the part to get your head around, that I think holds most everyone back.

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