Who do I take at #1

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    I have the #1 pick in a 14tm ppr keeper league that we are starting this season.we keep 10players do I draft Barkley or McCaffrey or Maholmes?..QB’s get 6point tds and 1 point every 10yds… lineup is 1qb 2rbs 3wrs 1 flex …thank you!!

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    Adam Ronis
    Adam Ronis

    I would not take Mahomes. It would be one of the running backs. All are close with Zeke, Barkley and McCaffrey. Take the one you like best. Barkley has only one year of experience and less wear and tear, so I would go with him.

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    Dr. Roto
    Dr. Roto

    Saquon is special and you can’t not take him.

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