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      My league allows a maximum of 6 WR spots I have Mike Evans, Adam Thielen, Emmanuel Sanders, Corey Davis, Mike Williams, and Anthony Miller.  Now that Miller has a shoulder injury would you drop him and pick up a guy like Tre’Quan Smith or James Washington?  This to me would be more of a stash and cash guy not some one that I need as a starter for me I would lean toward Washington since he is get game reps already and JUJU is banged up or would you just sit on Miller?

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      Shawn ChildsShawn Childs

      Miller will come on, but he is going to need time to get healthy. Smith has to battle too many WRs to gain playable value. Washington could be a fun hammer play at home with more upside if an injury increased his chances. I’d sit on Miller, but I could see dropping him if you believe he’ll stay in the free agent pool for a couple of weeks.

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